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  1. Item Gone: FS Tokarevs

    Good deal. Just so far away.
  2. FS/FT Uberti 1858 Remington new army conversion

    That is really nice.
  3. FS/FT Uberti 1858 Remington new army conversion

  4. Item Gone: FS vortex HS-LR 4-16x50

    30mm tube?
  5. FT Ruger 45 colt convertible

    I like that coffin handle Bowie.
  6. Central GA FT WTT or WTB S&W Model 12 in good order

    Good luck finding a 12. They are great revolver.
  7. FS/FT FS/FT$250 Black powder fiddy cal

    Who makes the rifle?
  8. FS Thompson Center Encore 209x50 magnum barrel

    What is the bore like? Do you have the breech plug tool?
  9. Item Gone: FS FS: Meopta Optika 6 3-18x50 MRAD1

    1” or 30mm tube?
  10. FS/FT Mossberg 500 20 gauge Bantam NIB

    Great little shotgun for rabbit or upland birds. So easy to carry and use. GLWS
  11. FS H&R 20 Gauge Rifled Sluggun

    Any pictures? is it made in Mass or NY?
  12. FS/FT DD Mk18 - brand spanking new

    Nice Bill!
  13. Item Gone: FS THOMPSON CENTER HAWKEN 45cal.

    Cap lock or Flintlock?
  14. FT 1887 Martini Henry with extras

    How is the bore?
  15. FS Super sexy Weatherby Deluxe 257 Weatherby Magnum

    That is so nice Exactly the rifle that comes to mind when I think of a Weatherby.
  16. Item Gone: FS/FT 1967 Remington Woodsmaster 30-06

    That’s really cool
  17. FS 1956 Colt Single Action Army 45 Long Colt For Sale

    That is amazing
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