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  1. Item Gone: FS Nagant m1895 revolver with holster

    Up for sale is a Russian nagant revolver with mil-surp holster Caliber: 7.62x38mmr Details/pictures added Later today Asking price is $350, willing to meet off of 575 between exits 11-20
  2. Item Gone: FS yugoslavian zastava m57

    i have put up for sale a zastava m57 pistol -stored in a dust free display case while lubed -7.62x25mm caliber -unknown date but it is mil-surp not commercial, has yugoslavian crest on top -matching serial numbers -the rear safety was added by country of origin/importer for import reasons, the...
  3. Badly designed whiskey bottles

    So recently I got some tin cup American whiskey, and the bottle mouth is so thick it makes pouring a pita spilling whiskey. How can a company not consider pourability, the bottle is nicely detailed and the cap is both classy and basic. thankfully the old bicentennial log cabin syrup bottle is...
  4. Toy prices ridiculous

    It amazes me how much Jurassic park matchbox/hot wheel cars cost, $15 open box Jurassic park Ford Explorer and closer to $25 new. These things are only about 2-3 years old, people be acting like they were made of metal in Lesney England
  5. Meanwhile in the park

  6. Arcade game identity help

    A old arcade machine seat found its way to the yard, and I salvaged all I could The old black costed plywood was gone from years sitting outiside I salvaged the image from the back of the machine and it’s two guns one red and one blue. The guns say sega on them
  7. Amazon reviews

    Reviews are always useful
  8. Old chest identify

    I received an old chest and was wondering if anyone knows something about these It has an “American railway express” label on the side and the old lock made by excelsior lock works Canada, and. I’m sure the 70s lining ain’t original and it’s value lowered a lot with condition
  9. Doll house ( not safe for dreaming)

    A perfect toy for your daughter or relative
  10. Door lock stuck

    After work yesterday the door knob lock on the back door broke. The dead bolt still functions ee tried turning both sides of knob hard, no go. We tried removing the door hinge pins but the door does not want to move. We tried keys while turning the knob, no go. The internal shaft appears...
  11. iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max

    Is the iPhone pro max too big for a typical shirt pocket? The cost difference isn’t much The main draw is the night vision-ish feature and both the pro and pro max have that but the the pro max has 2.5x zoom be the pros 2.0
  12. villain clock

    at goodwill they had this old clock for cheap apparently made in 1985. It’s looks classy and tech for any bond villains office. You touch the time zone and it changes date and time on top And apparently all of China is one time zone
  13. Chinese food storage habits

    so we have a relative straight outta China and she always stores extra food outside instead of the fridge, we have half a watermelon with just a paper towel over it in a bowl with water outside. Does anyone here know of a cultural reason for this? Our fridge will fit it without the bowl of water
  14. Dog leash suggestions

    A dog will be joining us soon and everyone I am around all the time with dogs never uses a leash. I’m getting a body harness for the dog but want a good leash till he becomes accustomed to me. All I need for the little guy is dog bed, leash and that cage thing, dogs need more equipment then...
  15. Beretta covid edition

  16. coke table

    found this 1996 Olympic coke setup. umbrella. The setup came with 4 chairs, unbrella and the tablewith metal stand(also was given a steel double toilet paper holder). Was owned by a former owner of a sizzling western grill it was faded form red to light pink, so the mineral oil came out to...
  17. Item Gone: FS Smith and Wesson 625 performance center with holster and moonclips

    Item Name: FS Smith and Wesson 625 performance center holster and moonclips Location: Canton,ga Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 720 Caliber: 45 acp Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: I have for sale a s&w 625 performance center revolver. It has been fired...
  18. Item Relisted! FS Smith and Wesson 625 performance center with holster and moonclips

    Item has been relisted, you can find the new listing at: Item Name: FS Smith and Wesson 625 performance center holster and moonclips Location: Canton,ga Item is for: Sale...
  19. Cadillac japan

    It has a spoiler
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