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  1. USP as suppressor host

    Where would a USP tactical in 9mm rank as a host? Cans are Osprey 9 and TiRant 9. Currently have a M&P9, G19, and P226 as host. Would it be quieter than the 3 of those?
  2. Restaurant recommendations in Jacksonville?

    Got some good suggestions from you guys for PCB/Destin. I once again call on you for food recommendations in Jacksonville. Any good spots down there?
  3. Scope recommendations for MK12 SPR Mod 1 clone

    Well I got my Mk12 Mod 1 upper. Its a legit upper sitting on on a Colt lower. I've so far spec'd out that I need ARMS rings, not sure if I need high or medium but I think high is what is generally used on the clones. What I'm wondering about is the scope with the actual issued scopes so old and...
  4. AEM5 suppressor

    Has the AEM5 suppressor been discontinued? I've seen on 1 or 2 sites they have it listed as discontinued and no one seems to have one in stock. I have a mk12 upper coming and need the can
  5. Item Gone: FS/FT Ikea Malm Twin bed

    Item Name: FS/FT Ikea Malm Twin bed Location: Kennesaw Zip Code: 30152 Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: $50 Trade Value or Items Looking For: $50 Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Anyone need a twin size bed? It good condition just the bed as the...
  6. Foxwell Scanners

    Anyone running Foxwell scanner tools? Looking to buy one but not sure where to order it from. Theres a and a They look similar but I dont know if they are the same or if one is a scam LOL!
  7. 6+ years later and it still holds true

    Found this picture I took of a Rimfire article back in 2014. This was during the great ammo shortage which wiki says went from 2008-2016. I dont remember how long it lasted but I remember it was very similar prices and circumstances. At that time so many people said that ammo prices would be...
  8. Item Gone: FS/FT Division M Coil Pulling Tool for BMW

    Item Name: FS/FT Division M Coil Pulling Tool for BMW Location: Kennesaw Zip Code: 30152 Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: $25 Trade Value or Items Looking For: Box of ammo, mags or anything really Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: I ended up getting a...
  9. Which muzzle device for which rifle?

    Trying to finish up some builds I have going on and seem to be at a crossroads with what to run on which barrel. First is a 14.5" SOPMOD build I'm doing. I'm not keen on which Block it's either I or 1.5 but either way I'll need to have something pinned on it to make up the difference as it...
  10. Question about FSBs and rear sights

    Does anyone know which FSB I need to work with a MaTech BUIS rear? F marked or non-marked FSB?
  11. Any metal fabrication shops around the Cobb area?

    I'm looking to get some ditch lights made for my Land Cruiser. There are 2 companies that have made some but neither are selling them at the moment and they were expensive when they were for sale, I think $100. I would love to make some myself but I dont have the knowledge or the equipment to...
  12. Help me with this FAL

    I want to clone this SBR. I know this is an FAL but can someone help me ID the forearm, what kind of mag that is and which stock? Do FALs only come in 7.62x51? Is that exactly the same round as .308win or is that similar to .223 vs 5.56? Are DSA FALs any good? Does anyone know how well they...
  13. Looking for some off road trails

    i finally got my truck so I’m looking for some trails I can hit to get it dirty. I’m planning on hitting Windpark In the not too distant future but wanted to see if there was something a little closer to me. Already have some AT tires
  14. Holster recommendation for P30 w/ Streamlight

    Need some holster recommendations for P30 with a light.
  15. EoTech Rebate

    TL:DR - Purchased G33 magnifier from Amazon, rebate was denied due to original UPC being covered up by label Amazon put on it, had to call EoTech to get rebate paid. EoTech has good customer service thus far. That is all. Did anyone take advantage of EoTech's $100 rebate? Back in December and...
  16. Selling an optic

    Hey Guys I'm going to be selling an Aimpoint PRO but I want to know how can I measure the lumens of each brightness setting so the buyer knows exactly what they're getting. :boink: :bounce: I kid. I kid. Sorry to see that post locked down. Who did it?
  17. Lets talk rebuilt titles

    In looking for my Land Cruiser I've come across several trucks with rebuilt titles. Now I know what that means: vehicle gets into an accident or suffers enough damage, like a flood, to where repairs is greater than its worth, someone buys it fixes it up and then I'm guess in most states it has...
  18. Item Gone: FS 2006 G35 6MT Sedan

    Item Name: FS 2006 G35 6MT Sedan Location: Kennesaw Zip Code: 30152 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 3500 OBO Caliber: 3.5 Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: Yes Billing Information: Typical vehicle BOS Item Description: Selling my 2006 Infiniti G35 sedan 6MT 112k miles, 1...
  19. Recommends for a decent inexpensive scanner

    I'm going to be selling my car soon and the check engine light is on for the o2 sensor I believe but not sure which one it is. Also going to be buying a Toyota soon so need some decent, if it works for BMWs even better although I know sometimes you need a BMW specific one for certain codes.
  20. Want to Buy  Land Cruiser

    Just putting this out there but I'm kinda in the market for a budget friendly 100 series Land Cruiser. I'm kinda particular but would prefer either black, mica, or charcoal. Open on the year but if 1999 needs rear locker, if 2006-2007 no AHC but I doubt if my budget would allow such a truck...
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