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  1. Junker 597

    Thanks. I'll try that.
  2. Junker 597

    Nope...the one I need is for the magazine catch. Just the spring. I have everything else. It looks like this:
  3. Junker 597

    I have. Remington doesn't even list it on their schematic. I can't find one anywhere.
  4. Junker 597

    i need a scrap Remington 597 for one part. I need the mag catch spring, but Remington won't sell it alone. My choice is to buy a new trigger group for about $70, just to replace a $2 spring. I don't need it to work, or look pretty. I just want it for parts.
  5. 20rd FDE PMAG

    Here is the pic of one of them.
  6. WTB: OD Green Glock 17

    I realize this may be a long shot, but I'm hunting for an OD Green G17. I have a NIB black one that I'd trade or buy it outright.
  7. WTB OD Glock!!! ASAP

    Glock has discontinued the OD frames, and they've shipped all of them to their dealers. So, if your dealer doesn't have an OD one now they probably won't ever be getting any more new ones.
  8. WTB: CZ 452 American or similar

    I'm specifically looking for the American model. I want the straight stock and no sights. Thanks anyway.
  9. WTB: CZ 452 American or similar

    Looking for a bolt action .22 rifle. Preferably a CZ 452 or Sako Quad (.22lr only). Let me know if you have something. Thanks.
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