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  1. Tonight's the night

    Fire/meet/party in honor of DavetheMenion tonight. Start arriving at 7. 417 mimosa terrace woodstock ga 30188. Reply to the thread to let me know you got got the info!
  2. Sooo ... How old are ya ?

    A fo sho
  3. Final Details for DavetheMenion tribute Meet/Bonfire Friday June 6th

    Wassup Brothers and Sisters. After plans and discussions Mrs.DavetheMinion and myself have finalized plans for this get together. The party will take place on Friday June 6th. You guys can arrive starting at 7 or 8 pm. Party goes till the ODT rooster crows. Well not really but we will party into...
  4. FS Ghetto Classic

    Throw in 2 mad dawg 20/20s and a set of walmart spinnas and I'm in
  5. Good for them or plain ignorance

    Don't like their over priced preppy mexican wannabe food anyway this is America I like my mexican food to be....Mexican haha
  6. Good for them or plain ignorance

    I meant the carrier's intentions but hearing you break down both sides was a better answer than I could have given. I agree completely just couldn't put it in words.
  7. Watch out for the Brown Recluse spider.

    Not as hard as you might think......not speaking from expierence or anything but yeah! Haha
  8. Watch out for the Brown Recluse spider.

    Spiders are the spawn of Satan and Liberals no good either way you look at em.
  9. Good for them or plain ignorance

    I don't know if there is a thread about this yet but what do you guys think of these guys doing what they did?
  10. Drinking again

    I could go for some original sin hard cider right
  11. Does brown liquor make you moody?

    Makes me irrational and pissed off for no reason. Gotta stick with clears.
  12. Death at Lakewood tonight

    Dang that's rough. I know the feeling. I've had inmates kill themselves with not so much as a smile and a have a nice day. They are happy one minute and gone the next. You never truly know what demons someone has but you still can't help but wonder.
  13. Police dogs vs ctizens dogs

    I appreciate that buddy
  14. have you ever eaten

    Canned bacon BLT...... sounds like perfection
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