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  1. Anyone collect sports memorabilia?

    Awesome collection. Just looking at the signature on that Mantle ball, that thing has to be 40+ years old? Having seen many of his autos through the years that looks like an early sig from him. Hopefully JSA or PSA can certify that authentic for you.
  2. Baseball/Football cards

    If your cards are mostly vintage in nature (Pre-1970) then there is likely more value to be had. But condition plays a huge part in that equation as well. Unfortunately, most stuff from the 80's thru the early 2000's were widely available and produced and not worth a great deal anymore. There...
  3. Baseball/Football cards

    If you got any 86-87 Fleer Basketball unopened packs/boxes then your sitting on a gold mine. Most other products from the 80's were mass produced.
  4. (another) STAR WARS model

    I'm sure some of the nerds... sorry, I mean fans that attend Comic-Con would pay handsomely for something like this! I always strived to put together model planes and war ships together as a kid but didn't have enough talent to follow through compared to what the model magazines showed...
  5. Does anyone collect baseball cards anymore?

    Any photos you can provide? If most of the cards are from the 1980's & 1990's then the chances of what you have are mass produced and have very little monetary value. There's exceptions to the rule in the case of star players from each sport. I've collected over the years and might be able to...
  6. Nice find I forgot about!!

    So sorry to hear that. That is tragic to say the least. If you ever need any help identifying what something is just shoot me a PM and I'll see if I can help out.
  7. Nice find I forgot about!!

    Big card collector here!! If anyone has any questions about values or the like I'll do my best to answer as I try and keep up with the hobby when I can. I even setup at some local shows selling some of my cards from time to time. Keeps me sane I guess! :becky:
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