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  1. ODT's rarest listed items

    A really nice guy has a Barrett .50cal with a sweet NightForce scope mounted by Barrett with Barrett rings and a Barrett monopod. I even heard he has a bunch on unique ammo for it listed in ammo.
  2. Don't buy a used Toyota

    So is craigslist where used cars are being sold a lot now? I haven’t bought a car since the 6% tax change which makes private sales not the value they used to be unless it is orig al owner with maintenance records.
  3. Don't buy a used Toyota

    Always take it to a mechanic you trust to check it out, as they will find things you will overlook that could end up more than explaining why it is sold at a good price. When my divorce is final and I can sell my car I want to get a Toyota maybe a Honda 4x4 suv or extended cap truck.
  4. Heck that's NOTHING! Let me tell you what my ex did to me!

    I feel the same way, I just took all my guns, even bb to my folks house this Sunday. While I was there with the kids, she was screwing a guy in my house, and I have the video to prove it. My neighbor has custody of his daughter, his story is crazy. He found out his wife was an escort, and his...
  5. What's the story behind your screen name?

    A friend told me about this awesome site and I was in a rush to sig up, so I just used my first and middle intial and last name. That and I figured i would make it easier for the batf, CIA, NSA, FBI easier to track me.
  6. Extension of BOS thread -- can you prove you own the guns you own?

    I got it on vhs for Christmas when I was a kid born in 78. I have watched that movie at least 300 times. They totally butchered the crap out of it for this generation. I heard that China was going to be the villain, but politics trumped free expression of cinema
  7. Extension of BOS thread -- can you prove you own the guns you own?

    Yep, makes me think of Red Dawn, when the Cuban general tells his subordinate to go to the gun stores and get the 4473's. That didn't work out so well for Mattie's dad
  8. So when thou sayeth, "I'll take it"...

    It is a rather new phenomenon as I have been on here for years. In the past several months I have had to leave to negs, for things I wanted to buy. One last minute he tried to shake me down for an extra $50 and it was a gift for another Odt member. So I went to Cherokee gun and lawn and spent an...
  9. The almighty green tip 223/556

    That is the one thug I can't understand about people comainin about flippers. From poles I have seen in here damn near everyone is a self described conservative. One of the main tenants of conservatism is believing in free market capitalism and lettin the invisible hand of the market handle...
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