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  1. Van Halen Dead

    Here are few pics I took of Eddie from the last time I saw them in Atlanta when they played at Music Midtown. Apologies for the poor picture quality. They were from an older generation phone plus the pics are from the big screens on the side of the stage that night.
  2. Van Halen Dead

    I'm fully aware that MTV has changed their programming many years back but I guess I was a little bit disappointed they didn't have some sort of tribute or special programming regarding his passing. I tuned in earlier for just a minute and all they had was a scrolling message like you see on...
  3. Van Halen Dead

    For better or for worse, I can say I got to see Van Halen under each lead singer. Too young to see them with Roth during the early years but saw them twice with Hagar, once with Gary Cherone, and three times with Roth on the most recent tours. Loved them all!! (Yes, even with Cherone, lol!)
  4. Van Halen Dead

    Gilmour is also in a league of his own for sure. When you hear Gilmour playing he has a uniquely one of a kind sound as well. The rock world will also be in deep mourning when he passes away as well. One of my greatest regrets was not going with my brother to see Pink Floyd play (sans Waters)...
  5. Van Halen Dead

    Nobody in the rock world ever captivated my ear more than Edward Van Halen and his unmistakable sound. One of the giants in the music world for sure.
  6. Doraville sued over illegal ticketing scheme

    I got pulled over one time by one of Doraville's finest when I used to work close to Buford Highway many years back. He cited me for going through a red light when it was a yellow. I took it to the Doraville court and won the mother******! The ticket was going to run me around $300 to the best...
  7. How long before SunTrust Park has a new name?

    I was always amazed at how long Turner Field kept it's name once ole Teddy boy sold off his interest in the team.
  8. What happens when you try to have sex with a snowman?

    He should have held out for a higher amount than $20. :becky:
  9. What happens when you try to have sex with a snowman?

    Just when you think you have seen it all. SMH.
  10. man hides small bag of cocaine in Penis

    I'm sort of afraid to click on this link.
  11. Levi Strauss launches gun-control initiative

    Here's a good alternative for any ladies out there that don't want to wear Levi's! ;)
  12. Mom shoots attempted rapist of 12 year old daughter

    I'm guessing the NAACP wants her 2A rights restricted as well.
  13. Second Amendment Foundation will not defend legally carried firearms at protests

    So I came across this post and have to respectfully push back on the comments I've read up to this point. This "opinion" piece from the Blaze was lazy journalism in my opinion. This is another example of click bait media at its finest where many misleading headlines get taken for the truth...
  14. Attempted break-in at Bulls-Eye Indoor Range and Gun Shop in Lawrenceville

    One of the best all around shops in the greater Atlanta area. Great selection IMO and cool guys to talk with. They always have had some of the lowest range pricing in town. Love shooting there! Hopefully the insurance/repairs process goes smoothly for them.
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