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  1. 2nd AMENDMENT☆☆☆☆

    That's quite the first post I must say.
  2. Traveling to South Carolina

    Also stopped by Bud's a few years back and would say it's a fun store to visit if you happen to be in that area as they have a large floor inventory to look at as well. I would say it's a lot like Adventure Outdoor when it comes to overall selection but in a slightly smaller but more modern less...
  3. Traveling to South Carolina

    I was recently in Charleston a few months back for work and stopped at PSA's Summerville location and was very impressed with the selection. Lot's of hunting/fishing/clothing items available to choose from. I wasn't looking to purchase any rifles or pistols at that time but the selection was...
  4. New laws, anyone?

    I hope the coverage will stay on the people affected as long as possible and not the "object" at hand. I know its wishful thinking but considering the state of the media I'm not holding my breath.
  5. House Bill H.R 8

    Any word on what day the vote will be held?
  6. Great read on the new red flag laws

    The scary part is elected "Republicans" like Rubio down in Florida have shown some willingness to back these laws.
  7. County tag office carry....

    No argument here.
  8. County tag office carry....

    Yeah, my county/district is represented by the infamous Hank Johnson, a person not in line with 2A principles by a long shot. The dude had one of the most famous encounters that has made the YouTube hall of shame when he thought the Island of Guam might actually "tip over" from too many people...
  9. County tag office carry....

    Yeah, I should have taken a photo of it but even after I walked in (disarmed), the officer their was still peaking out the window as if he was on the front lines somewhere. My only guess is that the Dresden location must have had an incident of some kind a while back which prompted all the...
  10. County tag office carry....

    Had to go to the Dresden drive tag office in Dekalb today. Armed officer and metal detection. Signs posted everywhere around the entrance. The building wasn't even by a courthouse. Unreal.
  11. How Long Did Your CWL Take To Get?

    Congrats on getting your permit. It took about 2 months to the best of my memory in DeKalb County.
  12. We will never know what happened in Las Vegas.

    One thing peculiar to me is that you never have heard any interviews or comments from any of the guests that were in their rooms from the same floor where the shooting took place. Can only imagine what they must have been thinking when the SHTF.
  13. GA man arrested in NY w firearms, he's screwed

    Your experience sounds all to familiar to a couple of recent work trips Ive had out in California. I had my shield with me in my van and had to stop at the very last exit in Yuma, Arizona to unload and separate everything to make sure I was compliant with Cali's transport laws. The funny thing...
  14. Colorado gun laws.

    This site has been known to be pretty reliable with its information. Hope this helps.
  15. gun laws across the country?

    On a slightly separate note, this is where it's vitally important IMHO that as many people join their local state gun groups as well as the national groups out there as they are on the "front lines" battling the lunacy from these absurd attacks on our 2nd Ammendment rights. Just say'n!
  16. gun laws across the country?

    Couldn't agree more. The hoops that they make you go through are crazy. I remember having to do the same thing last year when traveling through their. I used a great hard case by the manufacturer "Bulldog" that has a slim profile and is lockable that will hold a small to medium size carry gun...
  17. gun laws across the country? These are about the best two online resources to stay updated on each states laws.
  18. N.H. eliminates license requirement to carry concealed gun, effective immediately

    One battle at a time! But just have to say that the overall idea of applying for a permit for a constitutional right just boggles the mind. Lets hope that sanity prevails and that Constitutional Carry will be here sooner than later at the very least.
  19. Massive Run On Firearms If Hitlery Elected

    Hence the reason supporting the NRA and other groups like the 2nd Amendment Foundation are vital. Just imagine if 10% of our population were members of either organization. Twenty-five to thirty million people are hard to ignore.
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