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  1. Yellowstone

    It runs on the NBC's Paramount channel. I've got seasons 2 & 3 DVR'd from a Memorial Day bing run they did.
  2. Yellowstone

    I'm halfway through season 2. Great show so far. To me its somewhat like the Sopranos and Dallas blended together. Lol!
  3. They Shall Not Grow Old Is a Stunning World War I Documentary

    Every history class today should be required to watch these kinds of documentaries. It really brings the stories to life.
  4. MUSIC: What are you listening to right now?

    Those girls in the background look like their in high school. :tape:
  5. MUSIC: What are you listening to right now?

    Well, my heart tells me I'm 28 but my license says I'm 40. I would say it's a deep cut when it's number seven on the track list and you don't hear it on the radio too often (at least whenever I'm listening). There's a lotta new music and only so many hours in the day. Love my Van Halen deep...
  6. MUSIC: What are you listening to right now?

    Just heard a Van Halen deep track on the local FM radio from Woman and Children First album, Take your Whiskey Home. Great song!!
  7. Den of Thieves Movie

    A buddy of mine said it was pretty good. Still on my list to watch. He said it reminded him of Heat. If it's half as good as Heat then I'll be seriously impressed.
  8. Guns n' Roses APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION turns 30 YEARS OLD today

    A pic from the Atlanta show during their stop here. Great show! I do wish they would keep the politics out of the show in the future though. Listening to One in a Million from Lies would make you thinkhe has the opposite opinions on the political spectrum. Just say'n.
  9. Saving Private Ryan

    Totally agree man. I can't say I've come close to watching all the great war movies of all time but Saving Private Ryan definitely does an awesome job of putting into perspective what kind of gauntlet our service people went through when over there during the war. Also, a must watch for any...
  10. Any original Nintendo fans out there?

    Who says you can't travel back in time!
  11. Any original Nintendo fans out there?

    That was a fun game. All the weapons choices were great!
  12. Any original Nintendo fans out there?

    Yep, I did the same thing! It was a pain in the a%$ but it was worth it in order to keep playing.
  13. Any original Nintendo fans out there?

    This looks pretty cool! My brothers and I played Tecmo Bowl until the console would start overheating.
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