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  1. Name a movie you have seen at least 10 times

    Die Hard (who doesn't like seeing a German terrorist flying off an L.A. skyscraper!) Die Hard 3 (who deosn't like seeing John Mclane in his hometown takedown more German terrorists!) Speed (Love Dennis Hopper as a bad guy) Christmas Vacation (Love me some Cousin Eddie... An American classic!)
  2. Anyone visit the WWII Museum in New Orleans?

    I hope so too. I'd say there's probably a 50% chance at the moment. If I make it there, I'd definitely take several photos for ya'll to see.
  3. Anyone visit the WWII Museum in New Orleans?

    Thanks for providing the links from a few years back. I tried to see if any other posts came up from others but didn't have any luck when doing my search.
  4. Anyone visit the WWII Museum in New Orleans?

    Was going to visit a buddy down in that neck of the woods next weekend and we've discussed before about visiting it when the time is right. I've heard that its one of the better museums to visit if you get the chance. What say ya'll? Has anyone here on the ODT been before? Any chance you can...
  5. Active shooter Hwy 92 and Hwy 41 Cobb County

    Absolutely! Badass for sure!
  6. Active shooter Hwy 92 and Hwy 41 Cobb County

    Atlanta needs the Cobra for sure! Lol!
  7. 2021 BLADE SHOW (who is going?)

    Gotta be honest, thought this was a pretty cool show today and I'm not a "knife guy" per se. All the big manufacturers were there from what I could tell and tons of individual dealers. This felt as close to a pre Wu-flu show as I've seen at this time. Also, I've gotta give props to the private...
  8. 2021 BLADE SHOW (who is going?)

    Plan on stopping by on Saturday. The inner Rambo in me says that I need a survival knife like the one used in the movies. Who am I to resist when my inner Rambo speaks! Lol!
  9. ? about Georgia Gun Owners.

    Georgia Carry and Second Amendment Foundation for the win!!
  10. Unbelievable!!! GIve this a watch!

    Amazing video. Thanks for posting. Unreal.
  11. either love it or hate

    Kang Nam on Buford Hwy at 285. Ya'll can thank me later.
  12. Old Patriot Around Jimmy Carter Blvd - Norcross!

    Yes, I have seen this guy countless times as I go up and down Jimmy Carter Blvd everyday myself!! I've seen him as far north as Martin's and as far south as the Kroger off of Singleton Rd. It's so fuuny to me that someone else on the ODT has seen this dude! Small world. Lol.
  13. get rid of youtube and google+ get free crypto PSA

    Tagging as well. I've had good results for searches using Startpage and DuckDuckGo recently.

    This post should definitely be on the ODT hall of fame ballet for sure!
  15. Ammo stash

    Maybe just a little less as I did sell some to the "unprepared" last October at the Expo show. Hindsight is 20/20 as the ole saying goes but damn, it was only a few short years back when I saw pallets of 9mm at Palmetto State Armory in Summerville for .20/rd and I only scooped up a few boxes...

    I see what you did there. ;)
  17. Worst part of a gunshow

    I'd have to vote for dodging a ND as the worst part of attending gun shows these days. Seems to be occurring more and more.
  18. Anyone know where to get Blanton's bourbon?

    I was just able to score a bottle of Blantons last week for $80 down at a package shop by the ATL airport off of Virginia Ave by the Wendy's. Not MSRP but definitely not the worst pricing I've seen.
  19. It happened again .

    If the OP learns nothing else from this matter let it be to always check your surroundings no matter where you go. Situational Awareness is a lost art for many.
  20. Got my order today...

    Waiting on my order to arrive. If you use the promo code AAR, you get a pretty nice discount off of the total. The promo code is due to the companies sponsorship on Armed American Radio. The cancel culture is wreaking havoc in our country right now and if I can spend a few bucks to buy a item to...
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