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  1. Trackrock Hammer-in

    Bump - One week away.
  2. Want to Buy .45LC

    What configuration and how much?
  3. Trackrock Hammer-in

    The Trackrock Hammer-in fall event will be held Sept. 24th & 25th. at Trackrock Campground in Blairsville, Ga. This should be nearing the 40th event (not sure, lost count). Same Schedule/details as always - can provide details on request, just tied up at the moment.
  4. 4th Annual Southern Handmade Knife Show

    Bump - It's this coming Saturday. Stop by, say Hi ..... and see the work of some of the best custom makers in the SE.
  5. Deer mounts

    I have to agree with the above. But, they are your's so it's definitely up to you. Those are nice mounts that a lot of work went in to. (Personally, what I see are knife handles - that's just me.)
  6. 4th Annual Southern Handmade Knife Show

    Southern Handmade Knife Show - August 28th 9am - 5pm Jaemor Farms, 5340 Cornelia Hwy, Alto, GA 30510 Includes some outside demo's weather permitting Admission free. The J Farm will also be open for fresh produce.
  7. Bought an old Winchester knife. Can anyone educate me?

    Take it up to the knife show in Dalton next weekend, they do free appraisals at the show.
  8. GONE

    Not a bad plunder bucket. I know a few beginners that would be interested and live up your way. If you pm your contact info I'll pass it on.
  9. Knife Rights

    I try to donate a knife every two years to the Knife Rights Organization. Just the right thing to do for me. They are diligent in looking out for our future as makers, carriers, and enthusiast. Be sure to check out all the great custom knives they are auctioning off this year. Have you signed...
  10. Bearded Boarding Axe

    Got that right! Trick is to get your hits in while it's still hot enough to forge and move. I've modified a couple of small hammers and made up some special small tongs for the forge work. Then it's finish and fit time, getting to be a buggar as my eyes age. Can't make a mistake like you can on...
  11. Bearded Boarding Axe

    Thank you for the kind words everyone. I have a lot of fun doing the mini's. Hate to throw good materials away (and my shop shows it). Just sometimes the puzzle pieces all fit together.
  12. Bearded Boarding Axe

    Haven't made an axe in awhile, but this scrap of damascus cut-off was just sitting around doing nothing. So...... Trick was finding the right size legbone. Just for a little perspective. Yeah that's a .22LR. Bone is possum, faux sinew wrappings and a turquoise head wedge (hard to see in...
  13. My new "Wrench"

    In no way did I mean to imply you wouldn't be responsible and act safely, I do not know you and I apologize if that's the case. Just that I have made knives for some real knuckleheads over the years and this is a public forum. The chrome issue is real - heavy metal airbourne gas can be lethal...
  14. My new "Wrench"

    If you have a wrench you want converted to a knife, I can do that. However, be aware that the heat required to forge the blade section will change the hardness/temper of the wrench end and will make it more brittle. May be able to draw that end out with a torch to make it a bit safer to use, but...
  15. My new "Wrench"

    That's pretty cool, but mine's bigger and it's a Plumb that does double duty. Jusmessinwidya
  16. Leather Worker's Head Knife

    Lot of leather folks have been ordering head knives lately. One highly respected leather craftsman wanted something a bit different from the usual. Made this one up special for him (but due to responses on fB looks like I'll be making more). This one has already taken it's first head..... Forged...
  17. Blade Show

    This weekend starting today (4th, 5th, & 6th). At Cobb Galleria. If you are attending be sure to stop by table J-5 and say hello.
  18. Used and Broken Tools

    Enjoyed talking with you yesterday. Thank you for the compliments, but students did the grunt work and had fun doing them. They are looking forward to mangling a few more of those wrenches over the summer. Be sure to tell your son we all appreciate his service.
  19. Used and Broken Tools

    Some of the finished student projects. I did most of the leather work for them as shop time has constraints. Note: I forged the first knife on the left as teaching incentive for them to understand metal movement. The second knife from left has my maker's mark, but was done by one of my students...
  20. First knives forged

    Been really knocking them out! Some hard earned advice if you'll have it - slow the "quantity" down and work on the quality of finish. It's obvious you can by just looking at some or the handles, but your steel finish has a way to go. I know, I know, I know ..... forging is the fun part and it's...
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