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  1. Item Gone: FS 1942 No4 MK1 Lee Enfield

    Thanks for the smooth transaction!
  2. Item Gone: FS 1942 No4 MK1 Lee Enfield

    Do you have any close up pictures?
  3. Item Gone: FS TERMINATOR: CHIAPPA 1887 12GA 18.5" MARES LEG Pistol Grip Lever Action Shotgun

    I use its "bigger brother" for Cowboy Action Matches!
  4. Beer Knuckles - 3D Printed

    Private message inbound!
  5. Beer Knuckles - 3D Printed

    I'm in if this is still open!
  6. Item Gone: FS/FT 1937 Russian 7.62x38r

    If it falls through I'll take it.
  7. Item Relisted! FT Marlin 1894 CSBL

    How many rounds of .38 special will that hold?
  8. Item Relisted! FT Stainless Ruger Blackhawk

    Wow, that's very nice!
  9. Item Gone: FS Smith and wesson model 66-8 combat magnum

    WOW!!!! Just WOW!

    Great deal. It is "Hogleg Smith". A fantastic Gunsmith in Hall County / Gainesville. Rod Kibler makes the best leather around for Cowboy Action Shooting and saddles. Also, those grips look like Buffalo Horn.
  11. Item Relisted! FS Arisaka Type 99 - Perfect Condition

    Wow! I has the Anti-Aircraft sights (usually missing) and the Monopod, and an intact Chrysanthemum. The only thing missing I can see is the dust cover and most troops removed these anyway. I just wish the ammo wasn't so damned expensive and hard to find because the 7.7 round is a real...
  12. Item Gone: Webley 455 1944, what’s it worth??

    One just sold for $500 last week here. It WAS shaved (which is more desirable for a shooter). I'd give you $500 for it.
  13. Item Gone: FS /FT Smith and Wesson model 19 .357

    Nice. Take a look at the Bestop Sunrider. Best thing I've bought for the Jeep so far! Replaces the Freedom Panels with a convertible top that just filips back over the front seats. I can unlatch it and flip it back without even undoing the seat belt.
  14. Item Gone: FS /FT Smith and Wesson model 19 .357

    Yes, those are the Black Rhino wheels. Matches the color perfectly!
  15. Item Gone: FS/FT Kimber TLE 6 shot .357/.38 revolver

    Sure wish you weren't so far from Gainesville.
  16. Item Gone: FS /FT Smith and Wesson model 19 .357

    I got mine in March and have driving it to Connecticut and back, Cincinnati and back, and Colorado and back. Great Jeep!
  17. Item Gone: FS /FT Smith and Wesson model 19 .357

    Great looking Gladiator in your profile picture too! Sure wish you weren't so far away.
  18. Item Gone: FS Enfield mark vi

    I'm trying to buy it but haven't heard back from Sam. I reload .45 so I was going to "roll my own" reduced loads. @MILSURP Collector , Does this use the same moon clips as the S&W 25 / 625? Rolan
  19. Item Gone: FS Enfield mark vi

    Can you check your number? I tried to call it and got a message that 770-373-6792 was disconnected.
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