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  1. Have it her way.

    $15 to stand around a scratch your ass.
  2. You’ve been kidnapped.

    Brutal I tell you........and NASTY!
  3. You’ve been kidnapped.

    I’m really looking forward to taking Stacy Abrams out for dinner on my dime to celebrate her gubernatorial win.
  4. You’ve been kidnapped.

    “I really hope the Chinese or Russians don’t pop a few EMPs because I care so much for people.”
  5. $15 and Hour?????

    It’s at least a 30 minute drive from my house to the nearest fast food restaurant and I don’t miss eating that **** one bit nor do I miss having to interact with the ****tards that work there.
  6. Pricing is higher than "BEEP"...(rant)

    Prices are higher than
  7. Can someone

    Bingo. :thumb:
  8. Welcome to Atlanta

    Not sure if the Chechens have a delivery system.
  9. Welcome to Atlanta

    China, Iran, North Korea and the Russians have a “cure” for Atlanta.
  10. The newest Dollar General in town

    That’s some high hopes right there.
  11. A lesser known survival skill

    Greedy as a pig.. love it!
  12. As the movie TOMBSTONE. IS ON

    Watched him beat a man unconscious then kick his teeth out in TX because he flicked a cigarette at his truck. Don’t be stupid you probably won’t get hurt.
  13. As the movie TOMBSTONE. IS ON

    Yep. Got one and he’s a mean MF. Been through a few scrapes together and I would never want to be on the receiving end.
  14. RIP Dusty Hill of ZZ Top :(

    One of my favorite ZZ Top Songs.
  15. Today sucks. Dusty Hill of ZZ Top has died

    I posted in another thread he’s just looking for some “Tush” in a different place. RIP. Great Texas blues, rock and roll.
  16. RIP Dusty Hill of ZZ Top :(

    He’s just looking for some “Tush” in a different place. RIP
  17. Coming Soon: Irish Redhead Convention.

    That’s a whole lot of beauty mixed with a whole lot of bat **** crazy.
  18. What's up with Villa Rica?

    Development eh? Sounds like it’s time to put in some liquor sto’s, Title Pawns, Weave shop and a Rent-a-Rim shop.
  19. You got to do what you got to do.

    Best advertising ever!
  20. 1964 Swiss Invasion Propaganda Film

    Swiss ain’t messing around. I read a lot of WW2 European history and it’s amazing how many times the US mistakenly bombed Switzerland and how many times they attacked our bombers with AA and the ME-109s they bought from Germany. They were not as neutral as we have been led to believe especially...
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