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  1. Classic wheel gun porn....

    Lil ol school target stock addition to the carry piece....thank you @letusbuyyourcar
  2. Grips from Square Butt Smith

  3. Great question for those that believe electric vehicles are a great idea.

    Battery swap stations is where the technology is going....NIO already doing it. https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/nio-expansion-drive-targets-4000-battery-swap-stations-by-2025-2021-07-12
  4. Microtech Porn!?!?

  5. Metro Atlanta  ..........

  6. Item Relisted! FS Smith and Wesson Model. 29-2

    Mind sharing the first bit of the serial?
  7. Want to Buy S&W or Colt display stuff

    Well alrighty then. Nah nothing I wanna let go of. Just wanted to give you the opportunity to share your collection with the rest of us s&w fans. :yo:
  8. Building collapse in Miami Beach

    Family that works for the FD down there say they had been blasting for new construction in the area in the last week...
  9. Want to Buy S&W 686 pistol

    I need to meet this Mr Wall
  10. Item Relisted! FS GREAT OLD TRACTOR

    Beautiful! Wish I needed it!!! Good luck sir!
  11. Want to Buy S&W 686 pistol

    Got any short barrel 686s to let go of?
  12. Want to Buy S&W or Colt display stuff

    Let's see your collection !
  13. Stopping paramedics from leaving a scene

    Looks alot like Freaknik
  14. Just a Regular Giveaway Now (You Suck)

  15. 32 ammo at Appalachian Gun shop.....

    Notice any 5.7 there?
  16. 4 wheeler places to ride

    Yep don't do the dirt bike/ quad tracks. Not fun for Utility atvs... hit the OHVs! Houston Valley is a great one!
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