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  1. Lake Lanier table…

    Man, I vision that as a lake house mantle piece. A house boat coffee table…. a lot of variables. Such a cool idea you came up with there.
  2. Out of nowhere!

    Yes sir… Frito Lays
  3. Who remembers this?

  4. Lake Lanier table…

    Excellent sir!
  5. What the heck is going on

    This new setup is growing on me…I’m liking it!
  6. ODT's Interesting Facts

    My eyes are blue and change depending on how much bourbon I sip
  7. Sad Morning For Our Family....

    Always heartbreaking opening these posts. We too have been there and so, so feel your pain… Thinking of you sir. Stay strong.
  8. Where did interest in engines start. This picture sums it up

    Hell, I was brought up that it was called a motor whether it was gas, diesel or electric. The only thing I knew that had an engine was a Jet
  9. MUSIC: What are you listening to right now?

    One of the best guitarists to ever play. Was just listening to him and Beth Hart this afternoon.
  10. Item Relisted! FS/FT Franchi 48 AL 20 Gauge Auto

    Sweet bird gun…aka quail slayer. Thumper

    That means you don’t have that window either…. Just sayn
  12. So you miss the good old 70s ?

    Use to ride down to a fellers place in Dacula when I had some extra dollars and wanted to really chill. Pick me up a little tin foil wrapped small block of tar and well… chill.
  13. So you miss the good old 70s ?

    And burn up shirts pants and upholstery with popping ass seeds
  14. Who uses and has an outdoor griddle

  15. Who uses and has an outdoor griddle

    Agree on the pellets AND they’re half the price of any you buy around here. I was there about two weeks ago and picked up 120 pds for 60 bucks. Be careful…. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I go in there!
  16. Who uses and has an outdoor griddle

    Thanks guys! Didn't mean to hijack the thread @John5757 , I was just way over curious. I have too many grills now, Big Green Egg, RecTec and a small propane unit but have thought about a flat top.... I agree on the "sear" on a steak @kodis556 but the sear plates I have for the RecTec do that...
  17. Who uses and has an outdoor griddle

    In for info! My question is : What do you use it for mostly that you couldn't grill?
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