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  1. Hair cut?

    funny stuff
  2. Can someone

    for research
  3. Need snorkeling advice

  4. I think I'm a racist....

    F.B.I. just entered the chat
  5. Alabama Gender Reveal……

    you win
  6. What's your SHTF rifle?

    hi point C9 for the win
  7. Drug bust = Guns seized

    This site is getting better for news than the MSM
  8. florida law

    Back the blue
  9. Travel out of state with an SBR

    Free men don't ask permission
  10. What's your SHTF rifle?

    Lmt, dd, psa
  11. Donald Rumsfeld dead at 88

    The man was not a friend of Freedom
  12. ? For the scattergun guys.....

    Enough to get you home is the correct answer. But what worries me more are the guys on here worried about how much ammo other people carrying in their car, they are also the kind to tell you " you have to many guns." " You need the shot cause I got the shot but it doesn't work unless you get it...
  13. GLWS

    Not really but can be
  14. Stay safe

  15. The Truth About The Workforce!!

    So much concrete work I have been pouring in the rain
  16. Who does free transfers in metro atlanta?

    Doesn't Tru prep I believe they did
  17. Item Gone: FS Tailhook mod1

  18. Inherited some Firearms

    I vote keep inheritance in the family
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