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  1. Another Georgian in the news - Straw Purchase

    Check further. They did not “win.”
  2. Metro Atlanta FS/FT Glock 2000

    The "Rock" did a movie about it..... there's a scene were he finds the BFG 9000..... Good movie...
  3. Metro Atlanta FS/FT Glock 2000

    I used to be really into that game years ago....Hellafun....
  4. Another Georgian in the news - Straw Purchase

    Sad//// Back in the early 10s, NY's Bloomberg rabid leftist prosecutors filed a lawsuit against Adventure Outdoors claiming they were a conduit for exactly the same kinds of sales. The long and short of it is that AO eventually LOST that fight and I'm thinking that's why they went from sane...
  5. Metro Atlanta FS/FT Glock 2000

    Who's gonna be the first fool to report this fake FS/FT ad to the unlucky mod on duty? Haha!!!!
  6. Metro Atlanta FS/FT Glock 2000

    NOTHING! Compares to the BFG9000
  7. Metro Atlanta FS/FT Glock 2000

    Apparently, it's nice to be the owner...
  8. Sleepless Child

    That was a great "retro" movie!!!!
  9. Sleepless Child

    Stems and burnt seeds......alley trash...
  10. Metro Atlanta FS/FT Beretta M9

    Those are some really good pictures. Very good quality. Good luck with your sale...
  11. Olympic sports commentary with Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart

    A couple of leftists...
  12. Sleepless Child

    Or.... "Officer, he tried to touch me while my mommy wasn't here."
  13. Sleepless Child

    I always recommend a pickup truck, a tarp and a dark mountain road..... coincidentally, I have all three....
  14. Sleepless Child

    I think I'd still take the time to document the complaints and notify the landlords your daughter is keeping a daily journal. Get it on paper and call the police department at least once to document a noise disturbance and get a police report. Seems to me if the landlord/owner won't do...
  15. Sleepless Child

    Any success in reporting this to the appt rental manager/agency?
  16. Has anyone done business with City Pawn?

    And the internet is always right.
  17. What if I wanted to set up a church emergency food pantry for when the supply line shuts down?

    'Rona Scandemic showed us that this government. through a complicit MSM, has way too much influence over common sense. Remember back in beginnings of 'Rona? I do......how in the hell does an ooga-booga 'Rona translate to a shortage of toilet paper and paper towels?
  18. What if I wanted to set up a church emergency food pantry for when the supply line shuts down?

    And, if it is a real SHTF situation laws and governance fall apart more quickly than their ability to go run and hide....
  19. Is your Walmart suddenly card only payment?

    Up here, students actually have to learn something, not be GIVEN a pass-up to the next grade to get rid of them like in THE ATL....
  20. Is your Walmart suddenly card only payment?

    In my Walmart, all the ladies know how to count and disburse cash.... maybe not in THE BIG ATL but up here in Jasper, they know how to count....
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