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  1. Official "Things That Suck About Tony2X"

    How else do u expect these zombies to know where to go when they wake up ?? Lol
  2. Boy Followed Dad to the Hospital to Make Sure He Was Alright!!

    Damn, thats a pretty nice bow !
  3. WTF kimd of bug is this and what is it....

    She did with me !! :becky:
  4. Well looks like we got it!

    @The Southern Gentlemen - Get well wishes to you and your side kick , he looks like a good one to have watching your six , lmao !! keep us up to date….here is to a speedy recovery !! :sick:
  5. Am I the only one who...

    Yep….CRACK smoke and COCAINE mirrors !! Lol
  6. Sad Morning For Our Family....

    @OttoMan - Just seeing this Otto - May God be with you and your fam as you grieve. These animals are part of our family, they love, laugh, cry, cuddle, make you smile - and most of all ask for nothing in return but your hugs and maybe a little food ! Lol. I dont know what to say to make it...
  7. WTF kimd of bug is this and what is it....

    Thats one of them that the govt put out to track folks that haven’t gotten their jab yet. That one was put to distract you while a different one bit you on the back of the neck. It is said that if you took the vaccine, it will make your pecker shrivel up and fall off. Thus decimating the...
  8. Upgrade!

    What was the ‘positive’ to changing to this ?
  9. Reaction score

    OMG - like a bunch of crackbook girls up in here ! With all these emojis and stuff :cool-new::p
  10. They are selling like hotcakes

    Pre owned ? I wonder if they turn them inside out and shake the f**k out of them ?? :becky:
  11. Today's the day!

    Come on !!
  12. Today's the day!

  13. Today's the day!

    Free badge ……lol.
  14. Today's the day!

    Nope…still here !
  15. Today's the day!

    Blow it out !
  16. Today's the day!

    Go away !!
  17. Today's the day!

    Nope its mine !
  18. Today's the day!

  19. Today's the day!

    Not even ….. :evil:
  20. Today's the day!

    No…im in ! Lol
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