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  1. Any tricks to consistently catching suspended fish?

    Your lake sounds a lot like my lake. My method in this situation is a fathead minnow (no shiners allowed) on a #6 eagle claw aberdeen thinwire hook with a split shot a couple feet above. Hook minnow through nose. Drop straight down or cast to where you marked them and let it sink. When that...
  2. Mountain Stream/Creek trout fishing setup

    I like the shorter rods due to the hiking and sometimes bushwacking nature of getting into a trout hole, but above poster is right about having a longer rod can have its advantages once you are down in the hole. That said, I keep mine in the 5' to 5'6" range. Also don't be afraid to use...
  3. If you out fishin give folks yo fish if they have a cooler..

    I keep jumper cables in my truck and my headlights automatically shut off.
  4. Quota hunts applications open today

    I will be putting in for Clybel 1st and 2nd. I've never applied for nor participated in a quota hunt before. If I get selected, what should I expect? I already got one of their very few campsites reserved. I assume just go anywhere I want besides the "safe zones", but in driving around there I...
  5. Occasionally we just have to stand back in awe of our government

    My wife's worthless brother had a baby momma one time living in a rented singlewide behind the churches chicken off Lexington Hwy in Athens. She was on stamps. Had herself, her older boy from a previous non-marriage, and the little one from my wife's brothers input. My wife (gf at the time) and...
  6. Amazon prime day - get anything good?

    Why'd they have to make it look gay? Have you used it yet, and did it feel weird?
  7. If you out fishin give folks yo fish if they have a cooler..

    I'll give them leftover bait but my fish are mine. sorry not sorry. It begs the question, if you didn't want the fish to begin with, why'd you keep them to begin with?
  8. Do Beavers Eat Watershield aka Dollar Bonnet?

    Thanks! Will they also eat hyacinth?
  9. Good bbq in Ga. 10 you must try article . Guess who made it ;)

    Pulaski Heights BBQ, if you can look past the hipsterism and eat it with an objective mind, is very very good. Or was the last time I ate there a couple years ago. Regarding Southern Soul in SSI, I think that on a week vacation after eating nothing but fried seafood and you need a break...
  10. Do Beavers Eat Watershield aka Dollar Bonnet?

    ? Google results aren't turning up much for me.

    Minners in the pond. More bass than crappie.
  12. Anyone do Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

    Yall are tempting me to have elective prostate removal and get testo injections.
  13. Guitar Shortage?

    For me, getting married fixed that problem.
  14. Yamaha help

    Did you ever fix the spark on #2? I'm invested in your story now.
  15. All stocked up

    The info they provide online isn't cumulative, it only shows what they stocked the last week. If they didn't stock that particular stretch in the last 7 days, it won't be on the report. But that doesn't mean it wasn't stocked 2 and/or 3 weeks before. The best way to maintain an ongoing record of...
  16. Redlands Black Bears

    Old rifle range area near water.
  17. Redlands Black Bears

    Be mindful, when you go out to Redlands, you are not on top of the food chain. I was chased out this morning by two black bears.
  18. New Referral

    A guy who likes to shoot a 25-06 who is an outdoor writer for the Athens Banner Herald from time to time, and was banned from the Big Georgia Outdoor site for saying @#$@ in reference to a motor that was giving him trouble.
  19. Visited the city of Jefferson yesterday

    Jefferson will be a much better place when that Bojangles finally opens. My mouth waters every morning driving by the last three weeks. Also, there is alot of cocaine in Jefferson.
  20. New Referral

    I am an old haunt from many different GA outdoors sites going back to the 90's, and had heard of this one, but was recently referred here officially for my quest to find the right deal on the right rifle. I look forward to getting smacked and eventually banned from this site as I have been on...
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