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  1. $15 and Hour?????

  2. $15 and Hour?????

    The time is now. Stockton restaurant adds food delivery robot amid staff shortage (fox40.com)
  3. Item Gone: FS Porsche 944 na

    Reminds me of the Pretty in Pink car.
  4. Want to Buy Fj40

    There are 3 for sale in Roswell, all seems original. Auto Repair Shop in Roswell, GA (autorepairshoproswell.com)
  5. Woodworking Materials

    You are making a box to transport or bury? Lots of good advice on here...the other option is veneer. You could make a box out of 1/4 or 1/8 plywood with a nice veneer as the outside of the box. If you want something 10-12 inches wide, you might not be able to find exactly what you are...
  6. Damn, one day this really is going to be our future soldiers...

    Never going to happen. All of the Boston Dynamics Robots have been all universally rejected by the US military over the last 20 years, despite being almost totally funded by Darpa. And they were just bought be Hyundai, pretty sure they are not getting into the soldier game. That video is...
  7. Want to Buy AK

    I got a Mini Draco...PM me.
  8. Just a Regular Giveaway Now (You Suck)

    full auto bump stock trigger braces high capacity death clips?
  9. AR-15 AR Pistol

  10. What happened to the work force?

    Amazon has cashless/no check out stores now. Expect all the whole foods to be that way soon. Walmart going to use drones to deliver, no need for delivery drivers, drone pilots will be the next growth job. Amazon/Walmart/Walgreen/etc are all investing heavily in automation in the...
  11. 4 wheeler places to ride

    Trail Map – Iron Mountain Resort
  12. 4 wheeler places to ride

    If you look at the map online, the right hand side, all labeled with "exit" and one way arrows is the muddy part of the park. Thats the lowest elevation, and its more swampy than the rest of the park. And NO, its not possible to go around the deepest mud, you are in dense trees and the...
  13. 4 wheeler places to ride

    Took my son to Iron Mountian, had a blast until we got into the muddy part of the park. He got stuck, and go frustrated, I had to wade into knee deep mud and carry him out. He lost his shoe and was miserable. Then get the ATV's unstuck. If you do go to Iron Mountain, make sure you...
  14. Just a Regular Giveaway Now (You Suck)

    AR10 lower
  15. How hard is replacing a dishwasher?

    hahaha. priceless.
  16. Free Trailer and lawn mowers

    Trailer is spoken for....
  17. AR-15 AR Pistol

    So, assuming they are deemed illegal (which is crap, but...) what are you going to do with it? Aside from shooting on private property? You cant take it to the range, and I wouldn't want it in my car in case I got in a wreck, or needed medical assistance. You cant use it for home defense...
  18. My, that's a big one!

    1000 per carat.
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