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  1. I spend WAY too much time on ODT...

    That is awesome!!! Do you even smoke???:) I am buying stuff with my ODT10 after 11 in 22 table # (007) on it, so I'm not near as hooked as you.
  2. Lost Avatar

    Send me a PM if you want me to make you one..:thumb:
  3. It was a GA Guy. Odt Screen Name?

    This is Mrs. payneed... I can't reach him...has anybody seen him? :)
  4. Microtech Porn!?!?

    I may not have that fancy alkeehaul that you have, or the fancy knives, but I got some 007 Bond stuff.:)
  5. Upgrade! - Part 2

    I kind of like those... I found some 8 year old threads since Sat. that were fun... @fastfish66 LOVES them. :)
  6. Ford's new all electric F-150. Really?

    They call it the Lightening F150 for a reason... :)
  7. Ford's new all electric F-150. Really?

    I know! Right! Nothing like my combustible engines that I fuel up one time and it goes forever...:doh: I think the reverse power generator is brilliant, power your house for three days I think they said? The ONLY reason I wouldn't buy one is the monster won't fit in my stupid 55+ garage...
  8. Corvette guys… show your rides

    I like the wheels! :) AND the ladder rack w/ ladder. :boink:
  9. Upgrade! - Part 2

    I will have a booth set up and be charging a modest fee in January... come see me... :)
  10. My moderator icon aint showin up

    I voted for you! Oh wait... I voted for me.:)
  11. Sad Morning For Our Family....

    84 years (dog years) what a heartbreaker.... Based on what I know of you, y'all need to rescue another, soon. We don't deserve the love we get from our pets.
  12. Upgrade!

    WELCOME! :)
  13. Upgrade!

    https://www.theoutdoorstrader.com/account/upgrades :thumb: I found my stinkin badges. :)
  14. Upgrade!

    It should be in this forum "site news & feedback" but I only found the one that said you needed to buy the wolf BEFORE the upgrade. :(
  15. Upgrade!

    Just hover over underneath your avatar & under your "deals made" numbers it appears like magic. I'm looking for the list of badges, military branches, etc.
  16. Upgrade!

    I donated/paid for a wolf badge weeks ago. And I am a lifetime supporter. Also a master at putting bait on a hook. I need my stinking badges. :) Good to have the site back from the down time, I was having withdrawals... :sick:
  17. Upgrade!

    This all white screen seems kinda racist... AND I guess I stopped payment on my check? I'm no longer a lifetime supporter? :)
  18. Can someone

    Here is my "Get out of Covid jail - FREE- tape" I carry it with me everywhere! BTM (Black Tapes Matter) :)
  19. Squattin like a Boss!!!

    I'm pretty sure @SafeCracka used to hang out with him.... :) HILARIOUS! But it does make my ankle hurt :doh:... but worth it.:thumb:
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