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  1. Walmartians: Weird Things Seen at Walmart

    Always the "special" ones.
  2. Time to call in the dozers and trackhoes...

    _____________________________________________________________________ I did hear on the news that one of the victims was Boo.
  3. Ammo Price Discussion

    Yup, sho nuff.
  4. Ammo Price Discussion

    Thanks, I have not, nor will not, even though one member told me to stop. Now, I just have to.
  5. Ive been feeling dizzy lately :(

    But do you fellers look the same as he looks?
  6. Ammo Price Discussion

    There will always be that someone who thinks that they need to tell a person how much to sell their property for and whine if they can't or can't shame the seller.
  7. Ive been feeling dizzy lately :(

    Been a tough year but I MIGHT just make it!
  8. Sad Morning For Our Family....

    I am so sorry for your loss OT. Prayers for your family.
  9. Item Gone: FS CZ P10c

    It sure is a good deal. A great gun too.
  10. Item Gone: FS CZ P01 NIB

    Nice pistol and good price.
  11. Not open to further replies

    :blah: :blah: :confused: :der:
  12. Not open to further replies

    LOL, I would bet he is missing us!!!
  13. Not open to further replies

    Wonder how SirWhinesALot is doing? Does anyone miss him?
  14. South East GA FS KAHR PM9

    Dependable and great shooting pistol. GLWS
  15. You’ve been kidnapped.

    I'm thinking of going queer. Trust me guys, it ain't gonna happen!
  16. Not open to further replies

    It is a very simple concept, Ain't nobodys business what I ask for property that I own.
  17. Surgeon's so-to-be ex-wife has 2nd income

    Article said , cash deposits from 2015-2021
  18. Not open to further replies

    I just can't help it.
  19. Have it her way.

    A filthy pig.
  20. Can someone

    Be careful, I have heard it is a felony but not sure. It may make no difference to some.
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