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  1. Item Gone: AR70/90 parts kit

    Item Name: Item Gone: AR70/90 parts kit Location: Item is for: Sale/Trade NOT SPECIFIED Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Let me know what you've got and your price.
  2. Galil SAR SBR

    Parts kit and barrel from Apex, receiver is Tortort. Efile Form 1 back in less than a month. Built by a fellow Member.
  3. GB steal of the day

    Just bought this Beretta 92S and accessories for 1 cent. Hoping dude doesn't back out because he made a mistake in pricing the buy now button. He wants paypal and I only have $40 credit on my account and it's not tied to any debit card, it was from a prepaid/ gift card. Anyone ever had anything...
  4. Efile Form 1

    I just finished Efiling for an SBR. After I paid my $200, I was forced offline and back to the login page on eForms. Is this normal? Also, how long after you pay does it take to receive the email with the documents to print off and take to CLEO as well as the cover sheet to send back to ATF with...
  5. Remington Outdoor Bankruptcy

    I'm in need of some help. I'm trying to do a financial analysis of Remington Outdoor for school and I need their last three annual reports. 2017, 2018, and 2019. If anyone is able to help me get these it would be greatly appreciated. I was only able to find older ones.
  6. CZ Scorpion Mods

    I have to thank my wife for helping me get the barrel nut off this thing tonight. That was probably the most red loctite I've ever seen applied to a firearm. Anyways, I think I've just about got my scorpion where I want it. Is there anything else anyone can think of aftermarket parts wise that I...
  7. Want to Buy  Vltor I Mod Milspec stock

    Looking for an older Vltor I Mod Stock. Milspec of course. Prefer Black. Like the one I have in this picture from Afghanistan.
  8. Baofeng Radios

    Does anyone on here have one of the handheld Baofeng radios? I'm looking to learn more about how to properly use them. Thanks
  9. Want to Buy  Uzi parts, mags, accessories

    Like the title says. I'm looking to purchase Uzi stuff.
  10. Geissele rifles

    I'm just noticing how much Geissele has raised the prices of their rifles since January. I know it's a crazy time but still amazes me.
  11. Want to Buy  Tokarev trigger

    I'm looking for an original Tokarev trigger to replace the dingus trigger on my Type 54 Tokarev.
  12. Need some park work.

    Does anyone know anyone near the Cartersville area that can parkerize an Uzi receiver for me?
  13. Tokarev parts

    I'm hoping some of you misfits can point me in the right direction to find a site that sells Tokarev triggers. I need to swap out the crap Glock style safety trigger on my Chinese Milsurp Type 54 for a more traditional one. Thanks.
  14. Seismic 9mm 185gr

    I just picked up a box of this heavy for caliber ammo. Does anyone have any experience with this ammo? I saw they won some industry awards for the ammo and saw that Chris Costa gave it a good review online. Just looking to see if anyone else has some input. Thanks.
  15. Winchester 97 Take Down

    I've got a 1931 dated Winchester 1897 12 gauge takedown and it won't break down. Also just noticed what looks like some missing steel from the receiver. I will post pics later on today, but I'm looking for help.
  16. Upcoming Gunshows

    Does anyone know of any upcoming gunshows? I'm itching to see what'll be on those tables for sale.
  17. AKFiles is down

    I don't know if anyone else has posted here but the AKfiles are down. No telling when it will be back up.
  18. Chinese Firearm Picture Thread

    If you know, you know. The Chinese are good at a couple of things, making pandemic level viruses and military firearms. Feel free to post up your Chinese firearms. My AK's: Norinco 56-1 Norinco 84S Polytech AKS 223 Forgive the old Yugo M70B1 in the pic Pistol: Chinese Type 54 Tokarev
  19. Army Surplus M17 market trend.

    Just wanting to see how many others on here have a Army Surplus M17. I picked mine up in early January for less than 7 notes. Since then, I've gotten a FOIA back which tells me the entire firearm history from transfer to the Army and everything in between until transfer back to Sig. I've been...
  20. Chinese Type 54 MILSURP Tokarev

    I bit the bullet so to speak about a week or so ago when I saw that Classic Firearms got in a shipment of military surplus Chinese Type 54 Tokarev pistols. I love how they kept the frame original without having to add a safety. Instead, they modified the trigger and installed a "Glock style"...
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