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  1. Riding Mower Problem

    New owner got it running. Pulled valve cover off and did some repairs and adjustment with the valves. Something about it threw a rocker arm and a shim came loose and had to be located and put back in place, and valves adjusted. It's all Greek to me, and something I would not attempt.
  2. Item Gone: FS Troy-Bilt Pony Riding Mower

    Item Name: FS Troy-Bilt Pony Riding Mower Location: Loganville Zip Code: 30052 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 125.00 Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: 2011 Troy-Bilt, 42in. 17.5 HP Briggs and Stratton. This engine turns over, but will not start. This...
  3. Riding Mower Problem

    Ok, thanks I'll try that.
  4. Riding Mower Problem

    Thanks guys. I will be able to get working on it in the next day or two, and I will let you know what I find.
  5. Riding Mower Problem

    I did, and it sparked as it should. thanks
  6. Riding Mower Problem

    I will recheck the fuel and filter, although it is not that old. thanks.
  7. Riding Mower Problem

    It does not.
  8. Riding Mower Problem

    It does have spark and I will check the kill switch later today when I get home. thank you.
  9. Riding Mower Problem

    It is a 2011, Troy-Bilt Pony, 42 inch with a 17.5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine. I picked it up last summer and completely tuned it up, plugs, air and gas filter, oil change, new battery, replaced old gas with new gas, etc. It has been running great until last week when the engine quit while I...
  10. Roof repairs

    Thanks Kris and Brandon for coming out this morning and repairing my roof. Great job, at a very fair price. Highly recommended. Glad to hear you do landscaping and remodeling also. If I ever need anything along those lines I will be sure to call you.
  11. Roof repairs

    Thanks Kahrnut. I did send KrisD a PM and pictures yesterday, and have not heard back as of yet. I'm guessing he's probably pretty busy this time of the year. Here is a picture of what I'm wanting to replace them with. I think this particular one is made by Oatley.
  12. Roof repairs

    Looking to replace both plumbing plastic vent and pipe flashing covers on my home in Walnut Grove. As you can see in the pictures it currently has a leak in the nail that is caulked. As you can probably tell, the vent pipes are two different diameters, and I'm not sure what size they are. Roof...
  13. Item Gone: FS Taurus model 66 3 in

    Good guy bump.
  14. Roofing repair recommendation in Walton County area.

    Thank you SB. I spoke to Kenny, and he is real busy this time of the year, but we are going to work something out to take care of my problem.:)
  15. Roofing repair recommendation in Walton County area.

    Slight leak around one of my plumbing vent pipes. It's actually dripping from one of the nails that are in front of the vent pipe boot. Anyway, the roof is going on 10 years old, and I was thinking I may just have someone replace both of my vent pipe boots, instead of just trying to patch the...
  16. A/C question on my truck.

    I've been nursing the a/c on my 1996, GMC, Sierra 1500 for the last seven years. I had been adding Freon every year, and now the Freon leaks out within a day. It's got the 4.3 liter, 6 cylinder engine in it. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good mechanic to replace the entire system...
  17. Need Help ODT Truck will not start

    I had a battery that checked out fine on my meter but ended up it had a dead cell, and my truck would not start either. Hopefully it will be your battery. Keep us posted.
  18. Going to Chicago...

    Also might want to try their Maxwell Street Polish Sausage sandwich. Not sure the closest one to where you are going, but I think there is one in Downers Grove. I believe that's pretty close to Lombard.
  19. Which New Lawn Tractor To Purchase

    I have a JD I purchased new in 1998. Served me well with regular maintenance throughout the 20 years. I finally broke a belt on it after 20 years, and other than that no problems. Hard to believe the belt lasted that long! Good luck, and I would take a look at the Cub Cadet also for comparison.
  20. Want to Buy STOLEN Ruger Blackhawk- Willing to buy it back!

    Might want to check pawn shops in your area. Good Luck.
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