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  1. Service station scam.....

    I agree it would have been satisfying. But I’m not carrying anything but my 43 and pocket knife
  2. Service station scam.....

    Yes sir thats him. Exact same spill and everything. Had to have been at least a year ago.
  3. Service station scam.....

    I’ve had the exact same guy do that to me at a racetrack in canton. About a year or so ago. If I remember correctly it was a newer red or burgundy car he was driving. I ended up giving him 5 bucks just to go. I knew it was bs
  4. I found the owners and they are home!

    Man I hate this. I’ve got a huge yard but no fence for the guys. I have no room in our house
  5. I'm a dad :)

    Congratulations I’ll be a father of a baby boy in less than two months!
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