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  1. Pancakes or Waffles?

    I love a good Waffle House waffle. We just finished pancakes and sausage here at the house. They “hit” and were “legit” and good
  2. Anyone know how to bypass an sensor heater control ckt bank 2?

    Will probably be easier to replace the oxygen sensor
  3. Stump Grinding Picture Thread

    I paid a guy to come grind three stumps in my yard. It was $100 well spent. I would have spent that in time and diesel.
  4. Item Gone: FS Leupold scope sale

    I have #3 on my sons my 243 and its a jam up scope
  5. Preacher Outfit.... -- Really? Your Thoughts!

    What he is preaching is more important that what he wears when he preaches. There is no dress code in the Bible only in churches.
  6. Mouth wash?

    My wife hates the smell of listerine. It reminds her of my dad who was an alcoholic and used listerine to cover the beer. I love listerine the green. Anything that burns like that has to be doing something. I can now tell her its to protect me from the covid.
  7. Metro Atlanta FS Springfield Savage Model 67H 12ga.

  8. Blood Pressure

    Sitting at 152/96. The coolest thing my boss has done for us at the shop is getting us a BP cuff machine. I’m guessing eating right and exercise. I don’t think it’s magic as much as common sense. Of course I can’t testify the benefits of them I can tell you where eating crap and not exercising...
  9. Do I have a problem?

    Its not a problem its a hobby. If it were necessity you could buy one and call it good. It dont take a lot to kill them.
  10. The Farmer at the Movies

    Pee Wee Herman got in big trouble for this.
  11. 1968 Suburban w/ ambulance package project.

    This is the coolest project Ive seen in a long time.
  12. South West GA FS CZ Shadow 2 Blue

    If you could interpret that it would be impressive. I wish I could say I was drinking when I typed that. Maybe it was a better nap than I realized
  13. Let’s see your reloading stash!

    That is a very nice set up
  14. North West GA FS/FT 2002 camaro 35th anniversary 6 speed 800 miles 1 owner car

    Darn shame to loose money and not enjoy it.
  15. South West GA FS CZ Shadow 2 Blue

    Sorry I was taking a nap. I had someone how multi quoted and once I realized it I deleted the comment. It was from another thread.
  16. I got a little curious and I just wanted to see what it felt like...don't judge me

    If poorly maintained you will have problems out of either.
  17. South West GA FS CZ Shadow 2 Blue

    Wish you were closer. Would your take 4.5 if stippled?
  18. South West GA FS CZ Shadow 2 Blue

  19. '66 Riviera GS....What to do?

    You could sell it and buy something you will use and enjoy. It’s of no use on storage and no one is enjoying it. I found when my family sold the farm that my memories were not there they were in my heart. Family couldn’t sell that but they could use the money to provide a life for themselves so...
  20. I got a little curious and I just wanted to see what it felt like...don't judge me

    A revolver and a Harley have a lot in common. They have both been working and getting the job done far longer than newer options. They cost a little more because they are intricate and they hold their value. They don’t have a lot of newer features but the ones they have are proven. They both...
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