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  1. It’s almost time….

    well crap , I deleted my response on an edit. I come from an ACC school and since I transplanted to Ga, I have come to love SEC football, I tend to pull for an SEC school (but partial to UGA) above any other conference, including most all ACC schools except NCSU. (I hold little hope for them...
  2. 2021 Georgia Bulldogs

    I guess we'll see.. next year. We will meet again
  3. Dealership for routine car maintenance?

    Too many rip-off stories for me to consider a dealership for maintenance. There are probably a few out there who are honorable, but I am more dis-trustful in my old age. I used to do my own maintenance, but I am not as physically inclined as i used to be. A very good local shop gets my business
  4. Dan Reeves RIP

    I ate breakfast with him, several years ago, when he was the Falcons head coach. He was a very nice guy, easy to talk to. Honestly, I didn't recognize him at first. We sat across from each other and talked about general issues. I didn't realize who he was until a few people asked for his...
  5. What's the one thing that became more clear the older you got?

    That I don't know everything, and what I think really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things
  6. Gym rats

    My joints and back, are currently protesting all the past visits to the gym..
  7. Best Way to Understand How Efficient Masks Are!! lol

    I was headed up I-85 N on Thursday. I counted no less than 50 people wearing masks, while driving.. talk about control
  8. QUIZ: How Southern Are You?

  9. Question About a Car Warranty

    She plans to go up the chain, starting with the dealership and working her way up the ladder.
  10. Question About a Car Warranty

    Thanks everyone.. I will forward the suggestions. I just wanted to make sure we were good to go on the warranty start date
  11. Question About a Car Warranty

    I thought so.. being my daughter..They will have their hands full for awhile
  12. Question About a Car Warranty

    I appreciate any advice. She has made arrangements to talk with the dealership manager, (she had been dealing with the service manager). I spoke with my mechanic here.. typical price for the repair is around $700.00.. I think the $1000.00 discount was bogus
  13. Question About a Car Warranty

    My daughter ( in Texas) was gifted a 2012 Ford Focus hatchback, by an elderly lady that she helps. (My daughter shops, runs errands and takes her to doctor visits). The vehicle has 58,000 miles on it. The car quit going in reverse about 5 weeks ago. The TCM (transmission control module) was the...
  14. What's the best thing you've found at a Pawn Shop?

    Mosin M27 for $30.00. The rifle was sitting in an old barrel in the corner, no price on it. I told the guy there, I just had $30.00 on me and he said take it
  15. Since bourbon is getting stupid….

    Early Times bottled in bond is a good go to
  16. If money was no object , what gun would you purchase next?

    Colt Single action six shooter
  17. UGA vs. Kentucky - GO DAWGS!!!

    Yes he does
  18. Online Personality Disorder Test

    I embrace the fact that I can be nuts at times..
  19. For 1911 fans only... your favorite flavor?

    I've got a 70 series Colt Combat commander that I dearly love. I recently replaced the springs and want to replace the rear sight
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