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  1. Impotant things going on in Macon

    Maybe if they charged a few bucks to let people audit their classes, we wouldn't be facing a stripper shortage...
  2. Your name is what ?!

    Had cat named Rocky, his nickname was Crack Rock. Every now in then he would escape. Neighbors look art you kinda funny and then go back inside when you're hollering "Crack Rock" outside in the middle of the night.
  3. How would you survive?

    Well if I'm gonna die, its not going to be, nibbled or pecked to death.
  4. Christmas Gift Fun. Come play along...

    A pillow.
  5. Is there a market for training....

    Last time I tried it, I shot my friends antenna 3 time and grazed the hood on his F150 but, in my defense, it was late at night and he was driving a little fast for conditions on the the power line.
  6. Bullet proof laptops----

    Maybe a 10'' barrel would help, it is a Charter Arms Under Cover w/ a little snubby barrel.
  7. Dirt Roads, Grass clippings, all things of Horror, today Vs Yesteryear

    It's kinda like that first digital watch you had around 1975, but white, not red.
  8. Bullet proof laptops----

    So, I grabbed a gun I had never shot before ( My mother in laws .32sp) and took 5 old laptops out to the fire pit. Not one single round went through both sides, not even the cheap google net book. This was with FMJ. I then grabbed a 1022 shot one at about 25yds and it blew out the hinge, 5''...
  9. Dirt Roads, Grass clippings, all things of Horror, today Vs Yesteryear

    Stereos and radios, w/o a ****ing volume knob, or bass treble etc.... LED lights that last 14 weeks, yeah the LED might last that long but, the little chip will burn out . I have so many I don't know where to start or end
  10. Seems about right

  11. Seems about right

  12. Seems about right

  13. Seems about right

  14. I-75 Construction

    Remember the bride collapse and how quick that was fixed, it's all about how they get paid. Somebody comes up with a project, well the estimate comes in at say 100 million dollars. Then they say go ahead and start now but we can only afford 20mil a year, so it takes 6 years and 140mil to...
  15. ¿Para qué es esa luz roja?

    What's up with that truck going around from the turn lane? And what did they hit
  16. Whats the worst gift you got?

    Me too, I'm hoping it's just the inlet nipple. My well water is not kind to some metals, Ill find out tomorrow when I'll have time to replace the WH if needed.
  17. Bad drinks

    I know someone who runs that dept. (nutrition / natural foods) theres some crazy **** in there and people to go with it.
  18. Here's your sign, moment

    I stopped at a Popeye's the other week, ordered a 3 pc. Voice comes back "we a'int got no chicken" no, it'll be a few minutes, just ''we a'int got no chicken''. For those in Macon, it was the one on Shurling Dr.
  19. How many Stupid counterpeople does it take to sell an auto part?

    I knew we were in trouble back in the late 80's early 90's. I needed a clutch cable for my Scirocco and NOPI was out, went to Autozone, I think. Any way, I walk in and the girl asks "can I help you" yes, I need a clutch cable for 78 VW Scirocco. She looks at the computer and asks, manual or...
  20. California chicken thoughts--

    I just figured I'd make a topic out of the first 3 posts that came up.
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