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  1. Look for help to find date of s&w model 19-5

    My grandfather recently passed away and left me his 357. I’m trying to find a little info about it. Serial number AUV5501. Also looking for recommendations to possibly have it restored/refinished. Thanks!
  2. 308 Ar question

    So I finally decided to buy an Ar in 308 and went with the Widham Weaponry Src 308. I want to personalize it a little and start with the hand guards. Will any mid length ar hand guards work or do they have to be specific for a 308 ar? Same question for the stock as well. Thanks for any help!
  3. Thoughts on a Vortex Strikefire Red Dot

    They're good to go, I've fired 350-400 rds with mine. Holds zero I did a lot of research before buying and for the price I believe the quality can't be beat. You can probably find one cheaper than at academy.
  4. Ar pistol question???

    So as long as the person who built it stated it was a pistol at time he went through ffl for the lower I'm in the clear? How can I know if he "registered" it as pistol. Help me out guys!!
  5. Ar pistol question???

    Sorry if this has been answered before just trying to cover my butt. I'm entertaining a trade for an Ar pistol just not 100% on the laws. If I decided to go with the trade are there any special requirements for it to be legal, of can we just meet verify age and state of residence being Ga and be...
  6. FT Finally got a Glock 19

  7. Any other 3rd gen. SW autos work as a pattern for the 3913 to get a holster made?

    Theis holsters made mine for my 3913. Great iwb holster fits perfect
  8. Help finding a GOOD Gunsmith

    Thanks for all the suggestions!!!
  9. Help finding a GOOD Gunsmith

    Alright guys I recently traded my shield for a 3913. It fits great in my hand,shoots straight, carries well but I hate the weight of the trigger pull. I've never used a gunsmith before and would greatly appreciate yalls help. So who/where within 50 miles or so of mcdonough would be best for the...
  10. Cz P07

    Thanks for the info folks
  11. Cz P07

    Thanks proximal!!! Anyone else have any info???
  12. Cz P07

    I'm entertaining a trade offer for a CZ P07 for my 23c. Don't know much about CZ so can y'all help me out. Anyone with experience that can weigh in? Thanks for any help.
  13. I found one

    Mossberg 930 Spx. Does anyone know where I can find the pistol grip stock for sale? [Broken External Image]:
  14. Fraternal Twins

    That's what she said... Lol. Thank you sir
  15. Fraternal Twins

    They may not be as hard to find as they were but today was the first time I've found one. Ive looked and asked every store ive been to this year and never saw one.And today I found two so I got the wifey the Shield in 9mm and I got the 40. So I'm a happy camper!!! [Broken External Image]:
  16. Bud's guns

    I've bought 2 handguns, an ar, and shotgun. All with no issues except shotgun. It was an 887 tactical waited over a month and never shipped. Emailed customer no service and they would feed me a line of bs. Tried calling cs and couldnt get anyone so I called their sale # witch is for purchasing...
  17. Anyone tried these out

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Glock check up ?????

    Thanks yall. Im going to try to make it in the am.
  19. Glock check up ?????

    Id like to take my glock in for a check up and just wondering what the hours are there,do I need an appointment, how long should I plan to be there? Any help greatly appreciated.
  20. Glock help

    Seller has offered to do whatever it takes to make it right. I do believe it was an honest mistake/ overlook. I've found them for a coulple of bucks so I probly won't even trouble the seller with it since we are about 80miles apart. I wish going to glock was an option but if they're not open...
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