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  1. Any HK fans?

    Fan of the product, but not the company!!
  2. Scope Brands!

    I do not see Leupold on this list. It really should be a voting option. I have trusted it with important shots and never had an issue with their service. They have my loyalty for distance needs. Vortex products also sit on top of some guns for closer engagements and are an affordable option.
  3. Best 9mm carbine?

    What is your primary pistol? Do you want to be able to possibly share mags with your 9mm carbine, if you use a 9mm pistol, etc?
  4. C Z Porn, lets see em,

  5. Any know of GunProArmory in Suwanee??

    Thank you!!
  6. Any know of GunProArmory in Suwanee??

    Yes, I agree. I would rather deal with them locally then on GB, etc. Save them some fees and pick up, etc. Also, I find it a little difficult to believe that they have a quantity of 14+ of the discontinued, higher-end pistol I was searching for. So, wanted to confirm their "in-stock" inventory...
  7. Any know of GunProArmory in Suwanee??

    Title says it all. I came across them on Gunbroker and I could not find anything on them using the search function on the ODT. Does anyone know of them? Has anyone done business with them locally (Not thru GB)? Thanks.
  8. C Z Porn, lets see em,

    Here is a 97 B that I had CZ Custom convert to 10mm. By swapping barrel/spring/mags and you can go back and forth shooting 45 and 10mm. Had all the trimmings added as well: Competition trigger, short reset, night sights, and upgraded spring/rod.
  9. Please clean your weapon…

    I am 100% guilty!! Although, I prefer to see my ladies dirty before I clean them up.
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