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  1. Item Gone: FS 1999 chevy 1500 single cab long bed 4.3, 2,700

    Item Name: FS 1999 chevy 1500 single cab long bed 4.3, 2,700 Location: Cornelia Zip Code: 30531 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 2700 Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: I haven't cleaned it up. Runs, drives, A/C inop, decent tires. No power windows or door...
  2. North West GA FS/FT 1964 ford falcon futara convertible

    Nice! I put 100k miles on one 25 years ago. I don't think I could daily that in the modern era. *Get the non metallic shoes!
  3. Don't Bring a Gun to a Brick Fight . . .

    "Struck multiple times with at least one brick" Ha
  4. Just FYI

    Read the q&a script for the door knockers for a laugh. The wife and I did role play last night, it was a blast.
  5. Well...caption this

    Say hello to my little friend
  6. War stories/memorial thread

    Well there was that one night... You ever have that up armored humvee door that just wouldn't shut unless you slammed it? Sometimes even then it wouldn't shut on the first go? Well at that point in time, the enemy would blow up an IED and blow up another one nearby if everyone gathered near it...
  7. Need advice on transmission swap 1987 Chevy truck

    I hunted down the brackets and rods between the motor mounts and the bellhousing before I sold the one I had. I noticed the empty bolt holes and had to figure out what was missing.
  8. Wish me luck

  9. Tinkering with a lawnmower, need help (Troybuilt Pony)

    I'd start with a new belt. If the spring has travel and would not interfere with a slightly smaller belt, then I'd compare the existing belt with the replacement before modifying anything to fit a stretched or wrong belt. If the belt is too tight, you will wear out your bearings. I'd think a...
  10. Drunks

    Oh my
  11. Government check arrived today what the fuck

    Previously, it was a non-refundable 2000 per child credit. To use the credit fully, I would have to adjust my withholding so that I would "owe" that amount. No refund for the credit not used. Now it is 3000 and 3600 depending on age and it is refundable. Half is being doled out monthly...
  12. Need advice on transmission swap 1987 Chevy truck

    I guess kids are just mean. I'll try to repress that memory. Things you learn when you are 8...
  13. Need advice on transmission swap 1987 Chevy truck

    I keep seeing "power band" in relation to a 4 stroke. Am I crazy? You would be run out of town, but, not before your crucifixion for suggesting that a gas burning truck has a "power band" when I was coming up. And I've been accused of being "from the city."
  14. Some Drivers Deserve This!!! lol

    I have perfected using the rear view mirror. Aim it up to the headliner to get the left right aimed. While you got it there adjust the elevation to get a feel for how far you have to bring it down. You get instant results when you nail it. Observe where the mirror is and it gets quicker every...
  15. Item Relisted! FS 2002 3.4L V6 RWD Toyota Tundra

    The take-offs upgrade the 4runners iirc. Nice truck
  16. Some Firefighters Are Stupid Too... lol

    Faith in humanity restored!
  17. Copperhead strike

    The pattern on that one looks odd.
  18. Any of you been in a gunfight for your life?

    I've shot at plenty, never enough of a reason to kill'em though.
  19. Need advice on transmission swap 1987 Chevy truck

    I'm not much help, but, I'd start looking in this direction. https://www.moderndriveline.com/shop/bell-housings-accessories/gm-bell-housings/oem-gm-bell-housings/gm-sb-bb-621-aluminum-bellhousing-4-speed-bolt-pattern/...
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