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  1. John Wayne

  2. Delete

    3 years ago but admittedly they were on sale, even the employee that sold them to me couldn’t believe they were that cheap
  3. Delete

    Last 2 boxes I bought at Walmart were 10 bucks each
  4. Daily Driver Porn!

    The wife’s daily and the wknd ride
  5. Accepting a payment from across country

    Venmo has worked for me when a customer isn’t home to pay me at the end of a job and I don’t want to make another trip to get paid
  6. Daily Driver Porn!

    Got the fender flairs on
  7. WASR 10 v2 on classic firearms

    Yeah that tax and shipping kinda kills it for me
  8. Mole Crickets (as if we didn't have enough to worry about)

    Then when The armadillos have completed their task, simply drive across your yard after dark and you are sure to take most or all of them out in a pass or two
  9. Is this real?

  10. Ammo Sightings - Post All Ammo Sightings Here

  11. ...

    Does kinda paint a picture in your mind don’t it
  12. ...

    Why they gotta KILL the snake? Can’t they just shoot it in the leg
  13. Daily Driver Porn!

    Trey mnt or Beasley knob I don’t remember, we did both fairly close together
  14. Daily Driver Porn!

    The wife’s daily
  15. If I was looking for a job...

  16. Finally got my dream car

  17. Item Relisted! FS/FT Hunting camper

    Good deal
  18. Item Relisted! FS Acura CL Type S 2003

    6 spd or auto?
  19. The Official Truck Picture Thread..

    I have lurked there for information but didn’t join
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