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  1. FT Beautiful Marlin 1895 GBL

    Very cool. Barrel length and capacity??
  2. Want to Buy  41 mag bullets

    Looking for 41 mag bullets. Interested in all types and weights. thanks odt Greg
  3. Item Gone: FS More 41 Mag Ammo

  4. Shotgun hate

    A large bore drilling. Mine is 12x12x9.3.
  5. Item Gone: FS More 41 Mag Ammo

    Accept $40 fro the BB?? Thanks Greg
  6. Copperhead strike

    Regulars in our Gwinnett subdivision yard. Pisses the staffie off bad. She brings back dead one all the time.
  7. Item Gone: FS More 41 Mag Ammo

    Sale any separate?
  8. Item Gone: FS Remington 7600 Carbine takedown

    NOW here’s a cool rare gun. barrel length??
  9. ? For the scattergun guys.....

    Wide open question. But a good one. Really depends on realistic anticipated use. First off, a running car or truck is a really good defensive weapon. But I love my sxs. 20” does get more velocity but 18” is really handy. Even with chamber mods and practice very hard to reload, hard to carry...
  10. Want to Buy  41 ammo

    Yo ODT looking for some 41 mag ammo. But not dying for it!!! I’ve got all kinds of ammo to trade. Thanks ya’ll Greg
  11. Item Gone: FS Ruger P345 Pistol

    Sturdy gun. Good deal.
  12. Non ethanol gas

    Good gas. The app does not play nice with Firefox. Which is rare and weird.
  13. Gas tank varnish

    Place in Lawrenceville cleans and coats gas tanks. Been there beyond my failing memory.
  14. Reports from RK show 4/24/21 ???

    Not sure how you got there And well trained highly experienced and motivated fudd to you sir
  15. Item Relisted! FS CZ TSO

    Very very cool. Is that a thumb rest?
  16. Reports from RK show 4/24/21 ???

    I walked out Sunday with a gentleman who commented in negative fashion about all the young city folk buying ar’s and “bullets” that they were completely ignorant of and had no business buying. His words. The following weekend Atl has record shootings. Coincidence??
  17. Chestnut Mountain range - Georgia DNR input needed

    I believe all ga dnr ranges have safety rules ( may actually be laws). Even without RO’s. A call to dnr or leo might be a good idea. Out in CO it is not uncommon for folks to use a air horn to recognize poor safety behavior at unmanned ranges. I once saw a very impressive woman go and stand...
  18. Item Gone: FS/FT H&R 686 with 7.5” barrel, both cylinders and ammo.

    Coolio and robust gun there. Barrel length is perfect for magnums. GLWS
  19. Item Relisted! FS/FT Remington 1100...21" barrel with rifle sights

    Coolio. Smooth bore or rifled?
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