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  1. Need snorkeling advice

    Planning on doing some snorkeling in the keys. I have some cheap Walmart snorkeling sets, they seem to work well. For those of you that have experience, are these cheap US Diver sets from Walmart good enough for ocean use? Is there a dramatic difference in more expensive sets? Any...
  2. Don't Bring a Gun to a Brick Fight . . .

    Wow, thats crazy. Takes some guts to chase down a guy who has a gun using only a brick. Its a modern day stoning.
  3. Ship or Transfer sold

    what does that mean?
  4. Item Gone: FS 1993 Ruger GP100 4 inch low round count includes ammo w/orig box.

    Always thought this is one of the best looking revolvers
  5. What says your brain?

    strange indeed. Hornady Critical Duty ain't cheap either.
  6. Adventure Outdoors rant

    Yep that was the price.
  7. Adventure Outdoors rant

    I know alot of you guys like to rip on AO for reasons that escape me. I just stopped by their today and they are selling alot of guns cheaper than many longtime ODT'ers with great feedback. I saw a Beretta 92 Inox with a Brigadier slide at AO for $599 today. Some ODT'ers list these for $1,100...
  8. Good on Netflix or Prime right now?

    Any other suggestions
  9. Atlanta Hawks

    I cant believe Marv Albert is still announcing NBA games. That guys a creep and he sounds like Biden
  10. Back in 1985

    Yeah those were good times, but crappy music back in those days.
  11. Back in 1985

    lol = thats funny
  12. Atlanta Hawks

    I'm hooked too! I haven't watched this much basketball in years. Something special is happening with this team. They are exceeding expectations and the National media still doesn't give them the respect they deserve. This is a gutsy team with a lot of heart. No one expected them to make it...
  13. Item Gone: FS Long Beach Operator Springfield Armory

    Me too. I shoulda stayed in school and became a doctor, a lawyer or a senator's son.
  14. Haiti goal keeper whiffs it

    Good thing he is from Haiti... some other central American countries would literally kill you for that sort of thing.
  15. 6.5 Creedmoor

    I've been watching ammoseek for a long while searching for 6.5 creedmoor ammo. Any round that sells for less then $2 a round sells out in minutes literally and any high quality ammo that is selling for less than $3 round tend to also sell out quickly. If people are buying ammo at that high...
  16. The Ammo song lets hear gun related songs

    This song is really a story about a gun. Don't love the tune, but I love the story.
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