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  1. Yes, sometimes I use the Metric System

  2. Just FYI

    Not one, but *TWO* of my cousins that got the jab now have COVID. One might have to be hospitalizated. Neither are overweight or have underlying health issues. When I spoke with a relative yesterday I had to go "that's awful" but in my head I'm thinking "idiots". Yea, let's all trust a bs...
  3. Any Supra owners?

    I'll be making another purchase later this year (in the Aug to Oct range) and have several candidates in mind, both cars and trucks - one being a 2021 Supra. But I hear the BMW B58 in the 2021's is consuming insane amounts of oil. Any input?
  4. Real life pedo playing detective investigating a pedo

    You can't even make this up... Next: OJ Simpson plays a homicide investigator and Harvey Weinstein plays a sexual crimes investigator.
  5. What planet are we on again?

    ****ing planet cringetard?
  6. I love it when all races agree

  7. Guns are dangerous

    Especially deadly when loaded like this. It definitely won't jam.
  8. Know ya lane

    Know ya paff
  9. Expert level Uhaul navigating

  10. You should use non-lethal rounds

    Because a convicted murderer says so.
  11. How real men shift

    His weekend job is as a hairdresser
  12. It's in our DNA

  13. You won a car!

  14. I.... give.... up

    All I can do now is laugh maniacally at the clown world we live in.
  15. Now he just needs a heart disease vaccine

    yOu dOn'T cArE aBoUt mY hEaLtH iF yOu DoN't WeAR a MaSk!!
  16. If you're not using 4wd regularly

    How often are you putting your truck/suv in 4wd to keep everthing lubricated? I just realized today it's been a year since I've done it. I normally use 4 low every 3 to 6 months for hunting or camping trips. COVID and work have kept me prisoner over the last 12 months.
  17. Overpriced but I need this

    The 94 to 98 Mustangs will always be my favorite body style. 93 Cobra gets an honorable mention.
  18. Thanks, China
  19. Free gibs

    Email from a "blm" co-worker about giving. Yea, sure. When I get my check for $5,000, for all of my stolen ****, I'll 'gibs' part of it to equality and healing or whatever. GTFOH.
  20. Youz mediocre

    >colonize their ****ty countries >non-stop complaining >"mediocre"
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