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  1. 11-27 Hunt

    Anyone else heading out this morning to the woods? About to leave and hope to find moving on this cold morning. Good luck and be safe in the woods today.
  2. 11/20 hunt

    Anyone heading to woods this morning? Going to be cold and I hope they are moving.
  3. 11/8 hunt

    Anyone heading out into the woods today. Starting a 4 day rotation of 0530-1730 shifts, so I will be there in spirit only.
  4. 11-2 hunt

    Anyone heading out today? I'm about to go down for an evening hunt and pick up my deer from the other day . Looks a little breezy; but deer are going to be deer either way.
  5. 10-28 hunt

    Anyone heading out this wet morning? I'm heading down hopefully to find and retrieve the one hit last night.
  6. 10-27 Hunt

    Anyone besides me getting ready to head out into the woods? Looks to be a very good day for where I hunt with temps and wind.
  7. 10-24 hunt

    Anyone heading out on this nice cool morning? About to leave for work and wishing everyone good luck.
  8. 10-22 Hunt

    Anyone heading out today to sit in the woods. I'm looking at an afternoon/evening hunt if nothing changes. Looks like it get to 77 and have about 8mph winds. Guess today I'll putout some scent and try to draw one of the big boys in.
  9. Pearson scope mount for lever action

    Anyone using one of these mounts for a Rossi? Looks like a simple way to get a scope mounted for hunting. Looking to put one on a 357 that is not tapped.
  10. 10-19 Hunt

    Anyone else heading out this nice cool/cold morning to be in the woods? Finally off work for a few days and have a chance to get in a stand.
  11. 10-15 Hunt

    Anyone heading out today before all the craziness starts tomorrow with first day of rifle season? I'm working 12 hours shifts next 4 days so I can only dream of being out there with you.
  12. 11-14 Hunt

    Anyone else about to head out into the woods on this beautiful morning. Calling for 61 and no wind (which will be no true from lake breeze) down at the property. Planning on hunting in the oaks and see what is moving.
  13. DPM recoil reduction systems question

    Anyone have any experience with these systems? I'm thinking about getting one for a Sig to see if it shoots any different. Best price I have found is $78, so inquiring before I spend my money on them. Or if anyone knows of a better setup; let me know. Thanks
  14. Hunting license PSA

    Make sure and check your dates. MIne expires in 10 days and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Also, don't forget to print up a current harvest record. No one wants a fine and their game confiscated.
  15. On the RecTec tonight

    BBQ chicken and bacon. Just put on a few minutes ago.
  16. Bushmaster BA50

    Anyone own one? I'm thinking about one and just wondering what I may be getting into. Its already set up with Mark4 and a BORS, some ammo and reloading set up. Don't really need it, but it has been on my wish list for a while.
  17. Anyone have honey bees

    Lost 4 of my 5 hives last year. Getting ready to start making splits with the strong hive and wondering if anyone else was doing the same? Currently have frames in the freezer and replacement foundation if needed. Going for honey this year, so should be interesting.
  18. Pulled pork

    Just tossed 2 pork loins on RecTec for this evening. Should be about 15# of pulled pork when I'm finished.
  19. Hornady 6.5 CM 143 ELD-X

    Just curious as to what this ammo is worth now? Trying to decide if I need insurance on my box with some of the insane prices I have seen lately.
  20. Ribs on the smoker

    Should be coming off about 7pm. Going to take care of neighbors and family with 9 racks.
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