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  1. River Bend Gun Club USPSA 11/27

    Had a really good time at the uspsa match yesterday at river bend gun club. it was a "postal match" which is (as it was explained to me) a match that lots of local clubs sign up to do so that everyone can compare themselves to everyone across the US. I was pretty happy with my performance...
  2. Storage

    Would it be ok to store primers and powder in this metal cabinet inside an attached garage?
  3. Mandrel sizing

    Learning about mandrel sizing and in theory it sounds like a superior way of sizing. Anyone currently use this method have any tips or advice on it? Also if you recommend it what equipment do you recommend
  4. Item Gone: Surefire SR07 tape switch

    Looking for the surefire tape switch with constant on and momentary pad of anyone has one they would like to part with before I order online
  5. West GA  FT BCM vertical grip

    I have a bcm vertical grip for keymod mount and would like to trade it for either a bcm for rail mount of strike industries for rail mount
  6. RBGC USPSA limited WIN!!!!!

    Shot the uspsa match at rbgc this weekend and performed good enough to get the win in limited!!!! Starting to get the hang of the Honcho which helped along with a dry fire program I have been doing that has improved some of the small things that add up! Also been loosing weight (59lbs down) so...
  7. Surefire M952V question

    I picked up a M952V for 175 shipped recently and it’s going on a MK18 style SBR does anyone make a better mount for them?
  8. Best match ever!!!!!

    This past weekend I went to the memorial 3 gun match at the griffin group facility in Maxton NC and had the time of my life!!!! The memorial 3 gun foundation is a fundraising organization for gold star families which are family of fallen special forces soldiers. They give them money and send the...
  9. Item Gone: FS/FT Trex arms glock 17 with surefire

    I got this holster from a prize table at a 3 gun match but I don’t own a Glock so it’s up for sale or trade just send me an offer
  10. Microtech ProAm Championship!!!!!

    I had such a great time at the =AZUYLcDsbGB3D1BU56jg1f75LW-m4SVV2ybkNubcS0RrI9ogsjnLZ0yAUveTykwkup0qvIKWO8zQ_Vj-ClsEwqRbto_qIfqdR_bxasYL0KGykrdj1lpZK5xd-kCQu-OF_xso2YzvuqEo80iL_YjW0xKX&__tn__=kK-R']2021 Microtech Pro-Am 3 Gun Championship this past week as a shooter and as an RO. Most people...
  11. Item Gone: FS/FT Snapon battery powered 1/2 impact

    Snapon battery powered 1/2 impact with two batteries and charger. Would like to trade for surefire vampire light or mini scout with pressure pad
  12. FS/FT Snapon battery powered 1/2 impact

    Snapon battery powered 1/2 impact with two batteries and charger. Would like to trade for surefire vampire light or mini scout with pressure pad
  13. Item Gone: Winchester AA shells

    Have two major matches coming up and I’m in need of some Winchester AA shells 1250 or 1300 FPS 7.5 or 8 shot can anyone help???
  14. Southern Action Shooters 9/11/2021

    Had a great time enjoying our rights today with great friends at =AZWDfmNi-FTcxx3hPGjEt1CfYPjnInRgdRtaK8FhlyVfj9OEbeVWYrEmZiSuRGMyn40lBLjLeIP_lUKUKL0rDftzWdhmWHQiFY43vyBpbBE2z_d7PBwPurTpyGTvsfd_7aU9qY6PqCbXZd_2pcYhsfqv4geMs3xWWPUmBQXYUB8141lfcF-VBrWx9aJ97bxj82Q&__tn__=-UK-R']Southern Action...
  15. Moving with NFA items

    I’m moving and will be in the same county just different city what do I need to do about my trust items???
  16. GMSA 3GUN

    Had a great time this weekend with my friends at the 3 gun match at...
  17. Marion road gun club 3 gun match!

    Had a great time shooting the Marion Road Gun Club 3 gun match this weekend in Macon. This club is investing a lot of time and money into growing their action shooting matches and is going to be one of the best matches in the south before long I promise you that! That club president is a super...
  18. Worst 3 gun match EVER!!!!

    Shot the worst 3 gun match ever today lol next time I hope they have more shotgun targets lol. had a great time shooting uspsa with the boys from Atlanta. Had four classifiers today so hopefully I will finally get my classification. I had a decent day but definitely see some stuff I need to work...
  19. oak ridge shooters association 3 gun

    Had a decent day at the 3 gun match yesterday and was able to come away with the win. I was excited to see a dry fire course I have been doing helped pay off in this match with the movement around the barrels. If anyone ever wants to give it a try just let me know I'm more than happy to help...
  20. Put another W on the books!

    Had an awesome day yesterday with the boys on the range at =AZWEfcyzCoSF0G9vmLqvmTXOAhkcDFWtl1l8-CV3xJ0p2tGiHgItwJyvCKUs9ALFkmCferOKW0vp9lTjucMjLoFdY3Jgv7GDtcz7lcJNPmDqI5yODLqHmvY43qELr1EaqerXobeVqraEUs3rwiK8ux0_&__tn__=-UK-R']Southern Action Shooters and put another win on the board. I almost...
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