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    Where are you located?
  2. Ghostbusters Afterlife

    Good to hear, was on the fence about it.
  3. Is there a prettier finish

    It is. You are correct on finish, most folks draw a blank at matt chrome, but get the S/S reference.
  4. Work/Gaming Pc

    Correct one for $1600-...
  5. Work/Gaming Pc

    Please disregard the Dell I listed. It had a 3060 TI in my model, that one is a 3060 12 GB.
  6. Does anyone have xfinity cell service

    Wife has it, uses Verizon. They just updated to $45/month for Unlimited everything.
  7. Is there a prettier finish

    I have really come to enjoy the stainless look. Taylors and Co Alaskan Takedown-
  8. Work/Gaming Pc

    Very capable little machine. Add a USB 3.0 external SSD for storage and you would be good to go!
  9. Work/Gaming Pc

    Best deal out there, I got it for $1491 on Black Friday...
  10. Okay I'm into watches again. Post your favorite models

    Sure, just gathering dust around here. Been meaning to put it up on Watch U Seek, but am lazy like that.
  11. Okay I'm into watches again. Post your favorite models

    I have a similar one I would let go for $1100. Has the bracelet that is close to $950 on its own. Box and dox.
  12. Dobbs….

    Incoherent or incontinent? :cool:
  13. Don't take for granted that your deer is dead

    I always have a sidearm when hunting. Unless eyes are open and tongue is hanging out, it gets a big prod in the butt with my sidearm in hand.
  14. 1903A4 Drill Rifle Recovery

    You sir, are doing God's work. Carry on!
  15. What is the second best week to buck hunt in GA?

    Last week of October the last 2 years, used to be the 15th of Nov till Thanksgiving.
  16. Item Gone: FS Video Card- AMD 5600 XT

    Both of these cards have been sitting around, need to get them out of here. Bought the AMD on here a while back, never installed it. Guaranteed non DOA. Will ship on the 29th. AMD Radeon 56000 XT- $425 Add $15 to ship.
  17. FS Video Cards- AMD 5600 XT and EVGA 1060

    This item has been relisted. The new listing can be found at
  18. Camping scare stories.

    Outside Clayton, toward the SC line.
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