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  1. Let’s see some Subgun Porn...

    I already have a standard FFL. SOT cost is $500.00 . . . .. . . . just looked it up you can not keep them once you give up the sot. :(
  2. Let’s see some Subgun Porn...

    I know I know. . . . I wonder if I upgraded my FFL to an SOT and later dropped it if I could keep the machine gun legally. . . . I think it would be worth it. Instead of paying 30k for an m16. . . . . . I don't think that turd will flush though.
  3. Let’s see some Subgun Porn...

    Someone buy this. It’s not mine but I wish it was. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/910640847
  4. Post pics of your semi useless house cats here

    That one cat might be a dog.
  5. Fun vehicles/weekend warriors...and garages!

    That is some Mike Finnegan stuff right there.
  6. Corvette guys… show your rides

    Very nice. They are bringing big money right now. I hope you got a good price. I don’t have one yet. Lol gotta buy a house on the lake first.
  7. Somebody ID ma Weed

    My yard is currently so bad that I have said to hell with it and am now actively looking for a house on the lake. Not just because of the weeds but damn they are annoying as hell.
  8. Benchmade vs microtech

    So I googled microtech politics and if this is right Anthony is a republican. https://voterrecords.com/voter/45045766/anthony-marfione
  9. Benchmade vs microtech

    Benchmade used to not sell or work on automatics for the public. They may have changed their policy. Also, blade hq being a retailer and not Benchmade directly may have something to do with it. I am not familiar with microtechs politics but if he was a never trumpet that means he is a dem and I...
  10. Benchmade vs microtech

    Benchmade won't sell automatics to the public. **** them. **** microtech to. I will not likely ever buy another one. I prefer Curtiss or Michael Burch anyway.
  11. Addictions?

    It is a bad thing.
  12. Benchmade vs microtech

    Yeah, that is not Benchmade. https://www.benchmade.com/all-products.html
  13. Benchmade vs microtech

    Me thinks you got scammed.
  14. I have noticed...

    I just put poop and toilet paper in mine. Nothing ever changes. The grass never gets any different. I had to locate my septic tank with a steal rod. I have neighbors that have nice green grass over their field lines and brown everywhere else. Rid x and all that other crap is just a gimmick to...
  15. HAVE YOU EVER.........

    For me, it isn't about being offended. I would just rather not see the stupidity.
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