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  1. Ruger firearms in stock at Dahlonega Gold and Pawn as of 9-8-21

    What is the Price for the PC Carbine.
  2. Any Wildcat Experts Here?

    The .219 Zipper cartridge was created by Winchester Repeating Arms in 1937 to be used in their lever-action Model 64 rifle. It is a 30-30 Winchester cartridge necked down to a .22 caliber bullet. Marlin Firearms also offered their Marlin Model 336 rifle (Marlin 336 Zipper) chambered for the...
  3. Any Wildcat Experts Here?

    Marlin made a 219 zipper until 1960 . I have a couple of boxes of factory ammo from the sixties .
  4. Item Gone: FS Marlin 219 Zipper

  5. Item Gone: FS/FT Fender tele custom northeaset ga

    Where was it made, what model what year of mfg
  6. Item Gone: FS Marlin 219 Zipper

    Thanks guys for your kind comments . This one I really hate to let go, they are hard to come by.
  7. Item Gone: FS Marlin 219 Zipper

    Only 3,230 Model 336 .219 Zipper Sporting Carbine's were made. The Sporting Carbine were made between 1955-1960. 7 shot Carbine,
  8. Item Gone: FS Marlin 219 Zipper

    Thanks JT , This one will probably end up on gun broker. I bought this one several years ago and it was very expensive back then. I thought I Would list it here first . I have only seen 1 other zipper in my years fooling with marlin firearm .
  9. Item Gone: FS Marlin 219 Zipper

    Correction Gun is located in Northwest Ga.
  10. Item Gone: FS Marlin 219 Zipper

    Rare Marlin 219 Zipper with ammo. This is a very rare marlin they only produced around 3000 . This one dates to 1960. This 336 SC is in very good condition for its age. Ammo for this gun is hard to come by but i have 2 boxes of nos and two boxes of custom loaded . I have not fired this rifle I...
  11. Item Gone: FS Marlin 336A 32 special

    It is sold , trying to figure the new software out. Sorry about that.
  12. Item Gone: FS 375 Winchester Powerpoint Ammo

    Winchester ammo 375 Win . 200g powerpoint.
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