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  1. River Bend Gun Club USPSA 11/27

    Thank you that is my beautiful Honcho 2011 made by phoenix trinity firearms in FL
  2. River Bend Gun Club USPSA 11/27

    Lol some folks look like that every match lol
  3. River Bend Gun Club USPSA 11/27

    Yeah that was one of my favorite matches I have shot because of the stages but I heard a lot of complaints from the more experienced uspsa folks but I really enjoyed it
  4. River Bend Gun Club USPSA 11/27

    Thank you! 7th in limited and 2nd B class ain’t too bad I guess
  5. River Bend Gun Club USPSA 11/27

    Had a really good time at the uspsa match yesterday at river bend gun club. it was a "postal match" which is (as it was explained to me) a match that lots of local clubs sign up to do so that everyone can compare themselves to everyone across the US. I was pretty happy with my performance...
  6. Merry CHRISTmas ODT Giveaway! BNIB Sig Romeo Zero

    In number two to keep Christ in Christmas!!!!
  7. Merry CHRISTmas ODT Giveaway! BNIB Sig Romeo Zero

    I’m in thank you!
  8. Traeger; any recommendations

    Camp c from Walmart is the best bang for the buck for pellets as die rubs it’s a never ending story of trial and finding what suits you and your family best. Biggest recommendation for a fellow traeger owner is thermoworks thermometer
  9. Storage

    So where should I?
  10. Storage

    I have kept them and currently do in my safe in the garage but it has a humidity rod thing in it just trying to free up some space in the safe
  11. Storage

    Would it be ok to store primers and powder in this metal cabinet inside an attached garage?
  12. Mandrel sizing

    Learning about mandrel sizing and in theory it sounds like a superior way of sizing. Anyone currently use this method have any tips or advice on it? Also if you recommend it what equipment do you recommend
  13. If you had $200 to spend on a pocket knife, what would you pick up?

    BM griptilian with the spyde hole
  14. Night vision get-together

    Cool I got a night match in April and would love somewhere I can get some good live practice a few times before then
  15. Night vision get-together

    They allow general public to shoot after dark?
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