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  1. Need some help. Cosigner/coborrow/coowner??Any car/bank/legal guys?

    A little advice keep your bank accounts separate no joint accounts cars& toys to. Guess u could file bankruptcy. I learned that lesson ref joint bank accounts long ago
  2. And that is why I'm sleeping on the couch this time

    I wouldn’t put up that $&& if been working all day come home, If she been home day sitting ass reading books watching Tv. Time for to go
  3. Need advice with a bear situation

    I agree
  4. AKs are sinking because of the Ammo Ban

    I wouldn,t be surprised to start seeing Chineses or Russian replica AR systems built sine now they will have patterns to go by
  5. Got bitten by a Snake this morning.

    you are correct its brown water snake non-poisoniusn
  6. Got attacked by a dog this morning. What would you have done?

  7. Taliban Trolls biden

    China may have blackmailed him china has the dirt on &&^head joe and now China is in negations with China ref Mineral rights and such. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO VICTORS GO THE SPOILS IN AMERICAS WAY OF THINKING. iF YOUR GOING SEND TROOPS INTO BATTLE AND WIN WHICH WE DID WE DROVE THE Taliban OUT...
  8. When the label says Moonshine…

    No 190 proof not for drinking now smooth 100 roof allright
  9. Where are all the new cars?

    No puter chips kinda dumb build vehicle that can’t be cranked without computer chip
  10. It is coming soon

    So true look at we have leaders Wimps wussy’s and spoiled brats and when bullets and hoards started crashing the streets . They will piss their pants & ran
  11. Time for a divorce?

    Only injure I can remember having sex tripped getting out back door when her husband pulled in driveway a narrow a escape. The thrill of strange piece of $$&@ can be dangerous think.
  12. Time for a divorce?

    Yeah like a new toy wear new off get used to each other??
  13. Who remembers Billy

    yes I believe Billy would been the better President
  14. D.O.D. To rename confederate installations

    More BS from Washington insane asylum. Just think about all the tax payers money wasted on this **** show just to appease maybe 10 percent population . Another 60 percent of population don’t even have a clue who the bases are named for nothing was ever said about bases this until woke cultural...
  15. What type birds are these, Hawk or.. ?

    Yeah ole barred owl looking for a meal.
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