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  1. Metro Atlanta FS/FT EOTECH EXPS 3-0

  2. North East GA  FS DDM4 pdw it’s my daily golf cart gun

    Didn’t feel safe at my local golf course so I had this riding along with me. Daniel Defense PDW in 300 blk. Factory complete with extra stock if u decide to SBR. Not looking for trades don’t offer me your palmetto Fayetteville punisher AR that you overpaid for.. thank you.
  3. FS/FT Noveske Gen 1 Recon

    Good deal bro if I had the $$$ I’d do it
  4. FS/FT Noveske Gen 1 Recon

  5. FS Triarc 13.9 MASTER CHIEF

    Very nice!
  6. FS Radian ADAC lower package STILL AVAILABLE

    This item has been relisted. The new listing can be found at
  7. Item Gone: FS Radian ADAC lower package

    Radian adac lower Reptilia grip KAC safety Geissele SSA-E trigger KAC buffer SBA4 brace
  8. FS Custom MK18 pistol

  9. FS/FT Can am maverick X3 XDS turbo 1000R

    Plz let me live out my shake n bake dreams with this
  10. Item Gone: FS EOTECH EXPS3-2 brand spanking new

    Hey just because they’re 10yo doesn’t mean they shouldn’t know how life will kick em when they’re down. It’s better if I show them earlier on. Give em a head start.
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