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  1. Old shark attack photo

  2. Merry CHRISTmas ODT Giveaway! BNIB Sig Romeo Zero

    My Lord was born for #2
  3. Cloud watching

  4. Holiday Reminder

  5. Men in Black whistleblower. Interesting story.
  6. THANKSGIVING GIVEAWAY !! "Thank God, My Son is Finally Back Home!!"

    Great news, enjoy Thanksgiving.
  7. Holiday Reminder

    Only 15?
  8. Happy Thanksgiving from Sesame Street

  9. Weather forecast

  10. Weather forecast

  11. Please pray for my mom . Her name is Gloria .

    Prayers for Gloria and family.
  12. 60 year old break dancer

    Hard to believe he is 60.
  13. WTC video How many have seen this video before?
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