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  1. Metro Atlanta FS/FT Custom Carbon Fiber 300RUM Barreled Action

    Is this a single shot? Or doe it have the ability to be a repeater with bottom metal or magazine?
  2. FS/FT Rem 700 Classic 375 H&H Magnum

    I feel like this would go great with the box of ammo I currently have no use for lol.
  3. 80 % Glocks

    Are any of y’all familiar with these folks? Probably going to go ahead and build the pistol. As far as who makes quality components for these gun I am out of my area of familiarity.

    I wish you weren’t the other side of Atlanta lol
  5. FS Final Deal FDE Aero Precision AR .308

    Is it the rifle marked for 308 or 7.62x51?
  6. Item Gone: FS Remington 700 30/06 $300

    Pm sent
  7. FS/FT Remington M24

    Very interesting
  8. Item Gone: Stairlift

    Understand. I have everything from when my mother had stroke. Bedside camode, wheel chairs, you name it. Looking to donate it all to someone who could use it so I was checking
  9. Item Gone: Stairlift

    I don’t have a stairlift, would you be in need of any wheelchairs etc? My dad broke his back and I have a bunch stuff
  10. FS/FT Winchester Model 1894

    I wish this had the original butt plate
  11. FS/FT Winchester 1895 Centennial 30-06

    Do you have the box etc?
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