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  1. Alabama Auburn and the first overtime in history X4

    Every DAWG has his day. Ours is just every 40 years or so. As a life long UGA fan, I have learned to wait to talk **** until after the game :behindsofa:
  2. FS Kids Bikes

  3. Needing a "tire guy".

    You need to fill up those fenders... :boink:
  4. Needing a "tire guy".

    What would you say is the most common wheel size that gives the widest variety in tire sizes? What I'd like is a 40x12.5. I want the height; just not the width. I know: **** in one hand and wish in the other...
  5. Needing a "tire guy".

    Thanks, but apparently no one in the nation can get 37" tires that quick. Fastest I could get them was the end of this week and I couldn't be w/o transportation that long. I did get a set put on there for now. 35" Lion Sport M/Ts. My poor truck looks like it skipped leg day w/ those tiny...
  6. What ammo do you shoot in your Ruger Precision 308?

    Has there been any updates in the last 3.5 years? I just bought a RPR Saturday and need to sight it in soon.
  7. Needing a "tire guy".

    No one keeps anything bigger than a 35 in stock. That's what I am going to have to do. I can't be w/o truck for a week to have 37s shipped.
  8. Needing a "tire guy".

    Ok, now a need new tires has become an emergency. Blew a tire last night and truck sitting at shop. Quickest I can get ANY tire is a week... :doh:
  9. This place used to be a haven for insomniacs

    "He" sounds like a pervy stalker... :boink: :rofl:
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