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  1. First suppressor

    yep, you do have to pay for two stamps of course but I got a centerfire one coming along with a 9mm/300b I just cleaned my switchback for first time. Internals spent a week in slip 2000 carbon killer, knocked off most of rest with some 0000 steel wool and then threw in a tumbler with some...
  2. First suppressor

    You just missed out on the silencerco buy one get one free deal.
  3. Ammo at Cabelas

    BPS Macon had a couple cases of pistol primers out on the shelf the other day. 44 bucks for some thunderbolt, I dont think so.
  4. Meatloaf dead at 74

    He was a bouncer at a Crucial Taunt show I went to....
  5. Gun collections

    After you dead and gone, your wifes next husband might enjoy them. Think of him.
  6. Student loans

    I'd drop the student loan payment book off out her parents house since they decided not to teach their daughter about money and debt early on and allowed her to get in that mess.
  7. Student loans

    pretty sure student loan interest rates are cheaper than house rates and refi charges. Why would you do this? You are just moving debt somewhere else.
  8. Student loans

    Vote dem, they wanna forgive student loans
  9. This is what we need more of on the ODT

    What's the point of loggin on then?
  10. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…

    Great 80s song about her
  11. Item Relisted! FS/FT Boyds Laminated 10/22 Charger stock.

    so just a stud left up front or does it have the stud/rail attachment like comes with the factory chargers?
  12. Item Gone: FS 1991 Ruger Mark ii Target KMK678 .22lr

    I took it upon myself to reblue an old standard. Quite the learning experience breaking it down and putting it back together. There are a bunch of safety detent plungers online for a reason.
  13. National Championship! Who do you got?

    Gonna be a toss up, but I'm going with the better qb. They seem to always make the difference. Roll Tide. Kirby is gonna get in his own way again and lose another. Maybe one day he'll learn and finally be able to take the next step, could be this Monday...we'll see.
  14. Item Gone: FS 1991 Ruger Mark ii Target KMK678 .22lr

    That's a good'un. Had one just like it and let it slip away.
  15. I want to do this….

    Why cant folks do this and not have to take pics and tell others.......?
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