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  1. Camping scare stories.

    Outside Clayton, toward the SC line.
  2. Heaven Hill bourbon goes woke

    Heaven Hill makes Evan Williams.......
  3. Metro Atlanta  FS Video Cards- AMD 5600 XT and EVGA 1060

    Both of these cards have been sitting around, need to get them out of here. Bought the AMD on here a while back, never installed it. The EVGA was running in one of my backup media pc. Not sure, but it should be the 6 GB version. Guaranteed non DOA. Will ship on the 29th. AMD Radeon 56000 XT-...
  4. Metro Atlanta FS Ruger 10/22 New

    Might want to let folks know where you are........
  5. Crazy dream.

    Easy on the Tabasco before naptime!
  6. Crypto.Com coin CRO

    Thanks for the info. Waiting from yesterday to buy cost me 12 cents a share.
  7. M1 Mags question?

    KCI mags are good to go. Promag blows.
  8. Crypto.Com coin CRO

    Who did you buy from?
  9. Tattoo Artist Recommendations Metro ATL

    Sound advice! Go small to start, make sure it fits you. Spent a small fortune for my wife to remove some ink she got after a trying time.
  10. Gutter Guard recommendation?

    Lot's of Voodoo out there on these things......
  11. Item Gone: FS Gray CZ Shadow 2

  12. Kitchen vent hood SS heavy !

    Call A City Discount, they will come get it for you.
  13. So my 16 year old daughter kind of sassed me for the first time tonight.

    Love on your daughters like there is no tomorrow. The relationship they have with their father is usually the one they will have with their mate. Can always tell the girls who had daddy issues........
  14. Ode to @nonliberal

    As I recall, @Nonliberal uses paint cans for his office squatty potty.......
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