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  1. What's wrong with the World/US pondering...

    Yep. If you have a dream where everything we buy is made in America you are gonna have to convince a great percentage of Americans that they should live in poverty on purpose. Capitalism cannot thrive without workers being paid below the poverty line.
  2. What's wrong with the World/US pondering...

    Everyone in America want to buy items manufactured with slave labor because it’s cheaper. However nobody wants to be the slave labor. Seems to be the issue we have. We think everything should be cheap....except for our labor.
  3. Game Time!

    Turn out the lights, the parties over. Hello Citrus Bowl
  4. Game Time!

    Watching this game is like reading a book for the 40th time.
  5. Game Time!

  6. Game Time!

    At least we can’t blow a halftime lead this time
  7. Game Time!

    I’m glad I peppersprayed hope all year long.
  8. Game Time!

    I said Bama by 70.
  9. Game Time!

    Stetson is a defensive back?
  10. Game Time!

    I been tryna tell y’all

    I told y’all. Dawgs gonna get run out the building
  12. * 2021 College Football Pickem! *

    apparently Oklahoma State heard about them having a shot at the playoff and went “naw, we good”
  13. Why are AKs so expensive now?

    I heard on ODT AK prices were gonna fall off a cliff
  14. Careful what you wish for!

    that Bama offense will be to much for my Dawgs. The scores 50+ against Tennessee. Dawgs could only must 41. They went into the Swamp and beat Florida. When’s the last time Georgia did that? Bryce Young has 40 Td’s this year. Will Anderson has 25 TFL and 13 sacks. Ain’t no Georgia player got near...
  15. Careful what you wish for!

    Bama rolls 96-0. My Dawgs don’t stand a chance. Did you see Bryce Young against Auburn? Amazing stuff goin 4-10 to tie the game in the last minute against a great 6-6 Auburn team. Not to mention the fact that Bama scored 45 points against Arkansas. My Dawgs only managed 37. By my reckoning that...
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